Office of Sustainability

Sustainability at W&L

Washington and Lee's motto is Non Incautus Futuri - not unmindful of the future. The University has been preparing students for a life of service as future leaders for over 250 years. Our present goal is to lead the way to a more sustainable future by developing a learning community whose members are mindful of their responsibility to future generations, sensitive to the stewardship of natural resources, and equitable in their social and economic relationships.

Campus Garden

The Campus Garden is a half of an acre garden that was started in the summer of 2008 with assistance from Dining Services, the Biology and University Facilities Management Departments, and Campus Kitchen. Read more about Campus Garden efforts, goals and volunteer opportunities.

Composting and Recycling

The Office of Sustainability, in conjunction with University Facilities and the University Sustainability Committee, has developed university policies and programs to minimize waste and create a more sustainable campus. Read about our programs here.

Campus Initiatives

Washington and Lee University seeks to continuously find new and innovative ways to improve sustainability efforts on campus. These are some of the invaluable sustainability efforts happening in other departments on campus.

Student Opportunities

There are a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved with sustainable efforts on campus. Find out about the various ways to participate.

W&L's Commitment

Washington and Lee University is committed to excellence in environmental, health and safety stewardship on our campus and in the larger community of which we are a part.

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