How-To 101: A Campus Sustainability Overview for New Employees

Welcome to W&L! We are proud to be a campus that prioritizes sustainability and is committed to achieving carbon neutrality. Meeting this goal requires efforts on many fronts, and participation from every member of the campus community.

The quick-links below summarize how to engage with basic sustainability functions on campus, each corresponding with a university policy or specific emission-reduction target in W&L's Climate Action Plan. Curious for more after reviewing the links? Explore the Sustainability Office website and/or reach out to sustainability director Jane Stewart.

How to Recycle

How to Compost

How to Dispose of E-Waste

How to Conserve Energy

How to Reduce Paper Waste

How to Practice Sustainable Purchasing

How to Plan a Sustainable Event

How to Follow the Campus Idling Policy

How to Earn an Environmental Wellbeing Token