How to Use the W&L Exchange Have extra supplies you don't need? Need some supplies you don't have? Head to the Exchange!

What is the W&L Exchange? Located in Early Fielding 121, the Exchange is a space where  members of the W&L community can share resources (get rid of what you don't need, pick up what you do), cutting down both on landfill waste and on unnecessary purchasing. 

 Spring Term Exchange Hours are:


If you need to schedule a visit outside of regular hours, please to arrange a time.

How does it work? Departments, organizations and individuals on campus can donate items in good condition that they no longer need OR "shop" (cost free) from the inventory for items they can use.

What kind of donations does the Exchange accept? While most items that are clean, in good condition, and might reasonably be useful to a member of the campus community (and yes, that is subjective) are acceptable, the primary focus right now is:

  • School/office supplies, like notebooks, binders, staplers etc.
  • Event supplies such as name-tag sleeves and lanyards, decorations, and food and beverage serving items.
  • Dorm/office accessories like storage cubes, desk accessories, small kitchen implements etc.

What items are not accepted for donation at the Exchange?

  • University owned equipment marked with a blue and sliver asset tag. See the Business Office webpage on Surplus Policies for details.
  • Clothing and personal accessories. The Exchange may periodically hold a clothing swap, but apparel is not included in standard inventory. To donate or browse clothing on campus, check out the Clothing Closet, located in the Elrod Commons!

What can I find at the Exchange right now? Inventory is changing all the time but this Exchange Inventory List is updated twice a month and provides a good reference.

How do I get there? When you enter Early Fielding from Washington Street (you'll see Copy Services right ahead of you) turn left toward the Counseling Center and then right . Keep walking down the hall, past the bathrooms and room 121 is the last one on the left.