How to Dispose of E-Waste (aka Techno Trash)

If you have an item for disposal that has a plug (including for a charger), or is a component of an item with a plug, it probably falls under the E-Waste, or Techno Trash, category.  E-Waste often contains valuable materials that are especially useful to recycling efforts. It also often contains toxic materials that are especially dangerous in landfills. So it is really important to dispose of them as responsibly as possible. Luckily, doing the right thing is actually pretty easy!

E-Waste can be dropped off at two campus collection sites:

  • The W&L Exchange in Early Fielding 121
  • The Help Desk at Leyburn Library

Common E-waste items include computers, monitors, batteries, (both ends should be taped for safe handling), cell phones and printer cartridges. A full list of items accepted by our recycling partner can be found here.

If you are disposing of University Owned Equipment:

University owned equipment will have an "asset tag," a silver and blue sticker displaying the university name and an item number. At the end of their useful life, these items should be returned to the appropriate department, typically ITS, for disposal. 

If you are disposing of Departmental Equipment

you can bring items to the collection sites, or,  for smaller items that can be easily carried, Materials Management Interns with the Office of Sustainability and Energy Education may also be available to provide pick-up assistance during the academic year. To schedule a pick-up by a student intern, please email OSEE with "E-Waste Pick Up" in the subject line. In the text please include:

  • a detailed description of items to be collected,
  • specific pick-up location,
  • preferred pick-up dates/times,
  • employee contact name, email and phone number.