How to Order Compostable Servingware from University Catering

University catering offers compostable servingware at all the events they manage, but what if you are having an event that is not being served by catering? Say, pizza at your next club meeting, or doughnuts for your department?

Before you head to Walmart for single-use plastic plates and cups, consider ordering compostable items from University Catering instead!

Just go to the Catering website and choose the right-hand link "Place an Order on Catertrax." If you do not already have a Catertrax account, you will be asked to create one, but it is quick and easy. Once in Catertrax, go to "Create a New Order" and click "Compostables." You will see a full menu of all the items available - plats, cups, napkins, utensils. They have it all! Items can be charged internally and picked up right on campus.

Make sure your guests dispose of these items in compost bins (not trash or recycling bins) and instead of becoming trash in harmful landfills, they will be compost in the campus garden! AND you will have saved yourself a trip to Walmart. Win-win!

Not sure if there is a compost bin in the location where you are holding your event? Reach out to to confirm.