Sustainability Integration Grants

USC Small Grant Support: Sustainability Integration Grants USC Small Grant Support

The University Sustainability Committee is pleased to offer small-grant support for faculty, staff and student organizations seeking resources beyond those available from department or program funds to introduce or augment sustainability content in classes, research, or programming.

Requests appropriate for a USC Sustainability Integration Grant might include funding to attend a workshop through the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), research support to facilitate a new line of academic inquiry or course development, or funds to host a relevant guest speaker. Projects centered in environmental sustainability, or the intersection of environmental sustainability with social and economic sustainability, will be prioritized.

Requests will be considered once each semester, and should be submitted by the first Monday of October, and the first Monday of February for full consideration. Grants will not exceed $1500 for expenses, and may not include compensation to the applicant. Only one grant application from an individual, program or event will be considered each academic year, and if multiple people, departments, or programs are collaborating, they may prepare a joint application. Please confer with your department or program head before submitting a request, as there may be limits on maximum funding per department in a given year, depending on demand.

If the request involves a guest speaker, please note that the University encourages housing to be arranged through campus guest housing (ext. 8200). If the speaker is not a U.S. citizen or U.S. national, regardless of current employment status, departments or programs must clear the visit well in advance (three months ahead of visit is recommended) with International Education (ext. 8144) to confirm W&L's legal ability to provide payment.

Please include the following format and information in your proposal and submit requests by email to current USC Chairs.

• Name:
• Email:
• Sponsoring Department/Program:
• Departmental/Program Budget Number:
• Project Title
• Project Description and Rationale for Request
• Amount Requested:
• Budget Justification with detailed accounting of how funds will be used:
• List of additional funding sources sought or attained, including departments or programs, Office of the Dean or Provost, etc., or rationale for lack of additional funding sources sought:

You will be notified of approval within four weeks of the submission due date. If approved, funds will be transferred to your department.
Please feel free to contact Megan Hess and Jane Stewart, USC co-chairs, with specific application questions, or to reach out to current USC members to discuss your project idea as needed.