Local Engagement for Climate Solutions

Effective climate action requires strategies at the structural level and coordinated implementation at the local level. The City of Lexington, Rockbridge County, and various local non-profit organizations are taking action on climate related challenges, and W&L is committed to being a good partner in developing and supporting regional efforts.

The City of Lexington Comprehensive Plan provides a detailed look at the city's strategies for addressing a number of environmental issues, including renewable energy, land preservation, walk-ability and bike-ability. W&L was represented on the Green Infrastructure Group, which is contributing to the comprehensive planning process, and looks forward to partnering with the city on related initiatives. 

The COREworks local carbon offset program offers local carbon sequestration solutions to community members interested in securing verified offsets with direct impact in Rockbridge County.

The Rockbridge Conservation Composting Program collects food residue from Lexington areas residents and delivers it to a local farmer, who composts the material on his land and uses the finished product to enrich his soil. This program keeps food scraps out of the landfill, where they would contribute to harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and instead turns them into an asset for nourishing soil and sequestering emissions.    

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act offers specific opportunities for partnership between institutions of higher education and local communities in maximizing climate action, and active exploration of those opportunities, particularly in the transportation section, is underway. Check this space for future developments.