New Student Onboarding Process

New Student Onboarding is a series of essential tasks you will complete to help W&L prepare for your arrival. The complete list of tasks is below as well as the date the task will become available for you to begin.
  Tasks marked with a √ are required.

Questions? Contact or 540-458-8037 

Available DateNew Student Onboarding ProcessDue Date
April 3 Manage Privacy Settings - FERPA √
April 3 Review My Friends and Family √
April 3 Technology Policies and Resources √
April 3 The Security Awareness Program at W&L √
April 3 Disability Accommodations
April 3 Faculty Adviser Match √ May 31
April 3 Leading Edge Match √ May 31
April 3 First-Year Housing Match and Agreement √ May 31
April 3 Medical Documentation for Special Housing May 31
April 3 Family Information Form √
June 4 Health Insurance Certification √ June 30
June 4 Student Health Information and Forms √ July 31
June 4 Submit Your University Card Photo  √ July 31
June 4 Submit Your Final HS Transcript √ June 30
June 4 First-Year Read √
June 4 Advising & Registration Prep
June 4 Placement Testing June 30
June 4 AP/IB Official Score Reports July 5
June 4 FY Student Credit - Transfer Form July 5
June 4 Summer Registration √ July 18
July 2 Public Safety
July 2 Residence Life Vendors 

July 2

Set Up Payment Elections 
July 2 Consent to Receive Form 1098-T Electronically
July 2 FSA Authorization
July 30 Honor System
July 30 Binge Thinking August 22
July 30 U Got This! August 22
July 30 Continuing Education

Manage My Privacy Settings √ 

(Workday Inbox Task

In this task you will be asked:

If you wish for a "FERPA block" on directory information to remain in effect after your last term of enrollment at W&L, a separate written request must be made to the University Registrar prior to the end of that term. Such a block will remain until removed in writing. 

  • I consent to share my information outside of this institution (Recommended)
  • I don't consent to share my information outside of this institution (FERPA Block)  

Further information regarding FERPA, including details, policy, and examples, can be found at

You will also be asked:

  • I want my directory information to be public (Recommended) 
  • I don't want my directory information to be public (Defaulted if you chose FERPA Block) 

View additional instructions here

Review My Friends and Family √

(Workday Inbox Task) 

W&L requires that at least one of your Friends and Family contacts be designated as an emergency contact.

To designate an individual(s) as a new emergency contact:

  • click Add,
  • check the corresponding box under Relationship Types, and
  • provide their name and contact information under their respective tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Please note that, at minimum, a phone number (emergency contact) or email address (third party access checked) is required to complete the task.

If you have already designated an individual(s) as an emergency contact, but wish to remove that designation:

  • scroll to the right,
  • click Edit Friends and Family under the Actions drop down for the individual(s) in question, and
  • deselect the emergency contact relationship type.

For help with this step, see the job aids below:
Add Friends and Family
Edit Friends and Family

Technology Policies and Resources √

(Workday Inbox Task) 

ITS supports both PC and Mac - there are no specific recommendations.  

There are cases where someone other than the account holder needs access to the account. Students, faculty, and staff are not allowed to share their password with anyone. Doing so is impermissible under the University's Computing Resources acceptable use guidelines. The correct way to make your account available to others is to make them a member of your Friends and Family and then grant them 3rd Party Permissions. 

The Security Awareness Program at W&L √

The Security Awareness Program at W&L requires that all new students complete 25 minutes of online training by August 1st. An email invitation with instructions on how to complete the training will be sent to all new students from KnowBe4 (W&L Security Awareness). The program is designed to improve the understanding, recognition, and detection of phishing messages targeting the W&L community.

The Security Awareness Program also includes the following components.

  1. ITS will provide all students with a Phish Alert Button that can be found in the W&L Outlook email app. Please use the button to report any/all suspicious email messages. Those who don't use Outlook can forward any/all suspicious email messages, as an attachment, to Please take a moment to look for the Phish Alert Button in Outlook on your computer. A How-To page has been created to help you locate the button and assist with questions.
  2. A simulated phishing email will be sent once each month to all students. When you correctly report a simulated phish using the Phish Alert Button, you will see a congratulatory pop-up notice. If you accidentally click a link in a simulated phish, the resulting page will display helpful details about what made that specific email suspicious. The system will automatically assign one additional simulated phish, in the same month, to those who accidentally click a simulated phish.

Disability Accommodations

Please note accommodations work much differently at the college level than they did in high school. College students are responsible for communicating about their needs and new or additional testing may be required. Please review the undergraduate disability accommodations information on the linked website carefully. If you need academic accommodations, submitting your materials during the summer is strongly recommended so any needed accommodations can be implemented prior to the start of classes. If you need housing disability accommodations, you must submit your request by May 31st.

Faculty Adviser Match √

The academic success of a First-Year student begins with the academic advising process. First-year advisers are trained to work with students in all of their Foundation and Distribution Requirements (FDRs) and to assist first-year students as they begin to choose a major. 

Please respond to the statements and questions on the Faculty Adviser Match to assist us in assigning you an initial liberal arts faculty adviser with whom you are likely to have common interests and with whom you will be able to plan your courses of study. We realize that at this time you may not be sure of your immediate academic plans, but nevertheless we ask that you provide us with as much information as possible.

Nothing you state here is binding. You are free to change your mind at any time. If you would like to change your answers, please contact to reset your form. 

Leading Edge Match 

Leading Edge takes place at the beginning of First-Year (FY) student orientation. The trips are small and inviting, a testament to the atmosphere of W&L. Several trips are campus-based, though most involve day trips or are entirely off-campus. All FYs will participate in Leading Edge which is highly reviewed and has no additional cost. Please learn more about the trips at the Leading Edge website before completing the questionnaire.

First-Year Housing Match and Agreement

Login to eRezLife

  1. On the left side of the screen, select "Housing Overview" under "Housing" which takes you to the "Application & Forms" screen.
  2. Beside the "New Student- Fall 2024 Housing Application" application, select the green "Apply Now" button name to begin your housing application.
  3. Complete the entire application, and thoroughly review the Housing Application. Please note, most questions on the application are required.
    •  This list of questions are part of the housing match process and must be completed by all students who apply for first-year housing, even if the student is requesting a single room. This information WILL BE USED to assign your residence hall room and/or roommate; be yourself!
  4. Select "Save and Continue" to: Confirm Application" at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Review the 2024-2025 Housing Agreement contained in the link "terms & conditions file," and check the two boxes indicating that you have read the Housing Agreement and agree to both statements.
  6. Select "Submit Application" and save the receipt email for your records.

NOTE: You may not choose your residence hall preference. This application will take approximately 20 minutes, so do not start the application until you know you have sufficient time to complete it. Before you submit your match form you can review the housing match questions here.

Room and roommate assignments will be emailed to your W&L account in July. You may edit your answers on your housing form at any time until May 31. After May 31 the data will be locked for use in roommate matching and housing assignments.

Wondering what to bring? Check out our list here!

Questions: Contact the Office of Residence Life at 540-458-8405 or

Medical Documentation for Special Housing

Provide us information about needs for special housing. Return this form to the Student Health Center ONLY if you are requesting special housing due to a health condition. All first-year housing is air conditioned. Our availability to accommodate other special housing requests is limited. If you believe you have such a need you are required to have your healthcare provider complete the form linked above and submit it to the Student Health Center for review by May 31. Please note that this is not a request for disability accommodations.

Family Information Form

Parents and families are a vital part of the W&L Community. Please complete the Family Information Form to confirm additional details with us about your family and other W&L relationships.

Health Insurance Certification 

(Available June 4)

Health insurance is required for all students. A University-sponsored student health insurance plan is available to all full-time students who currently do not have any insurance coverage. All students must either waive or enroll in this plan each year. Go to Student Health Insurance for more information, instructions, and a link to the web site to complete this process. 

Please complete this by June 30. If you do not complete the on-line waiver form, you will be enrolled in the Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan with coverage that begins August 1, and your University account will be billed for the cost of the premium. 

Student Health Information and Forms

You are responsible for providing Washington and Lee University information about your health to protect yourself and the campus community. Washington and Lee will protect the information you provide in accordance with their policy for the privacy of student health information.

These documents must be completed and submitted to the W&L Student Health Center by mail or fax no later than July 31. Instructions for submission are included on each form. A visit to your healthcare provider is required to complete these forms, so plan accordingly. Print these forms and take them with you to your appointment, with Medical History and Tuberculosis Screening forms completed. Bring a copy of your complete Immunization Record with you for your provider to review during your visit. Several immunizations that are important for personal and public health are required. Please note that W&L strongly encourages all students to be up to date with Influenza and COVID-19 vaccination, including primary vaccination and all recommended/current booster doses. Student-athletes must submit a physical exam performed within 6 months of campus arrival; all other students must submit a physical exam performed within the past 12 months.

All health forms can be found at

Required for all:

Report of Medical History and Physical Exam 
Consult with your healthcare provider to complete the required Report of Medical History/Physical Exam and submit directly to the Student Health Center with all required Student Health Forms by July 31. 

Immunization Record
Consult with your healthcare provider to complete the required Immunization Record and submit directly to the Student Health Center with all required Student Health Forms by July 31.

Tuberculosis Screening
Complete the required Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire before your Physical Exam, and Consult with your healthcare provider if you need a tuberculosis test. Submit directly to the Student Health Center with all required Student Health Forms by July 31.

Health Insurance Information Form
Consult with your parent or guardian to complete the required Health Insurance Information Form, attach copies of all insurance cards (front and back) and submit directly to the Student Health Center with all required Student Health Forms by July 31.

Required for some:

Student-Athlete Pre-Participation Evaluation Form (for NCAA athletes)
If you intend to play an intercollegiate sport at Washington and Lee, complete the Student Athlete Pre-Participation Evaluation and submit directly to the Student Health Center with all required Student Health Forms by July 31.

Medical Consent for Treatment of Student Under Age 18 (for students under age 18 on campus arrival date)
If you will arrive on the W&L campus prior to your 18th birthday, please have your parent(s) or legal guardian review, complete and submit the Medical Consent Form for Treatment of Student Under Age 18 directly to the Student Health Center with all required Student Health Forms by July 31.

Not required:

Consent to Release Confidential Health Care Information
This form may be completed at a later date to request that the Student Health Center share specific health information with another provider or another party (such as a dean or your parents), or to request that another provider share specific health information with the Student Health Center (such as immunization or treatment records). It cannot serve as a standing release of confidential health care information to parents.

Please make plans to schedule a physical exam with your healthcare provider and collect all required information now to meet the July 31 submission deadline.

Submit University Card Photo

(Available June 4)

All members of our campus community are required to have a university card, the official identification card for Washington and Lee University. Your university card provides access to essential campus services and facilities including door access, meal plan access, University Store purchases, and more. Your university card requires a photo to be included as part of your identification. Our online photo submission process allows you to quickly and easily submit a photo of your choice. Failure to provide an acceptable photo for use on your university card may delay your access to essential campus services and facilities including your residence hall and meal plan.

Upload a photo of yourself consistent with specifications for a U.S. passport.

Submit Your Final High School Transcript 

Please make sure your high school has sent your final transcript directly to the Office of Admissions.

First-Year Read 

The discussion of the first-year reading selection is a key part of your introduction to academic life at W&L. During the summer, you will read a book selected by the University that will serve as a common intellectual experience for you and your classmates. During first-year orientation, you will have the opportunity to examine the work in a seminar setting with a faculty or staff volunteer leading the discussion.

Advising and Registration Prep

W&L utilizes summer registration to help ensure everyone receives a good schedule. Please realize it is impossible for everyone to receive all their top choices while maintaining small class sizes, thus a good schedule includes a couple classes you need or want plus a couple that help you explore the liberal arts curriculum. Additional information about FY registration is available online. All FYs will receive an email in June inviting them to a Zoom session June 26th at 7pm to explain the summer registration process and answer any questions. Faculty serving as summer registration advisers will reach out to FYs in early July for both group and individual meetings. FYs will then complete a summer registration form by July 18 ranking their preferred courses.

All registration resources for new students are conveniently located in one place on the Registrar's website

Placement Testing

Completing Placement Testing as soon as possible will help you best complete the summer registration form and ensure you are placed in the best possible schedule for fall term.

AP/IB Official Scores Report

Please arrange for the delivery of official score reports to the University Registrar's Office for any AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) exams or any other standardized test, such as the Abitur, A-level, or O-level, which you have completed prior to enrolling at Washington and Lee.

Completing this as soon as possible will help you best complete the summer registration form and ensure you are placed in the best possible schedule for fall term.

FY Student Credit - Transfer Request

(available June 4) 

First-Years who wish to be awarded credit at Washington and Lee for courses previously taken at another college or university should submit a FY Student Credit- Transfer Form with the requested information (course description and syllabus, official college transcript, information on instructor, location and texts) by June 30. These courses are often prerequisites for work First-Years plan to undertake in their first term, so it is important to have the records sent as soon as possible. No college credit will be awarded if it has been used to meet one of Washington and Lee's entrance requirements. For instance, the first four years of English from high school are required for admission and will not be transferred to meet writing degree requirements. If additional work in literature has been completed, it may be considered next summer. Similarly: three years of math, three years of language, etc. All paperwork (transcripts, forms, syllabi) must arrive prior to the last class day of the student's first term of enrollment at W&L.

Summer Registration √

A link allowing you to complete the Summer Registration Form will be emailed to you in July.

Please make sure you do the following before completing the form:

• carefully review the advising and registration prep materials on the Registrar's Office website
• complete placement testing if applicable
• submit AP/IB reports if applicable
• submit FY student credit transfer requests if applicable
• discuss the form with your summer registration adviser
• clearly understand what you are choosing and why

The Summer Registration form is due July 18, 2024. 

Residence Life Vendors


First-Year residence hall rooms are equipped with extra-long twin beds that require specially sized linens. It can be difficult to find sheets that fit, so we've partnered with Dormify to provide linens custom designed to fit our mattresses and maximize student's comfort. Ideally, you would order now, ship to your home, and bring the items with you to move-in. If you need to ship the items directly to campus, please order in early August for mail room convenience. A portion of the proceeds from this program supports residence life programming efforts of the University!

For questions visit the Dormify website


In order to satisfy the demand for refrigerators and microwave ovens in residence halls, as well as manage our electrical systems, Washington and Lee University has approved the MicroFridge Rental program through the Melvin Corporation in Lexington, VA. The MicroFridge unit consists of a microwave oven, refrigerator, and separate freezer, all in one unit. The MicroFridge is the only cooking appliance allowed in residence hall rooms. By renting a MicroFridge, you are helping to support residence life programming efforts of the University!

Questions: 1-800-525-7307 or

Storage Scholars

Check out Storage Scholars' Ship-to-School service. Ship your items to campus early, eliminate move in stress, help support residence life programming efforts at W&L.

  1. Storage Scholars Ships You Empty Boxes: We send a bundle of empty boxes along with tape and prepaid return shipping labels to your home.
  2. You Pack & Ship Back: You pack your items in the boxes, seal them up, and ship them back to us over the summer months.
  3. Storage Scholars Receives & Delivers: Our team receives those packages, stores them, and delivers them ready and waiting in your room when you arrive on campus.

Click here to learn more or sign up!

Questions: 1 (336) 815-0100 or

University Cleaners

Let University Cleaners handle the hassle of laundry for you! Get your laundry and dry cleaning done each week so you can focus on your studies and building community. University Cleaners offers a comprehensive laundry service for Washington and Lee students. They provide once-weekly pick-up and delivery laundry service & optional dry cleaning to your residence hall each week for the entire academic year. With two plan options to best serve your needs, enroll today to alleviate the laundry burden!

Questions: 540-464-6900 or visit the University Cleaners website

Public Safety

Public safety resources at W&L included parking permits, the LiveSafe app, emergency management, and transportation. Members of the University community must register motor vehicles and display a valid/current parking permit on their vehicle to park on campus. To use the LiveSafe App  you must download the app and sign up. Please review information about W&L's emergency management and response procedures, and view the "Run, Hide, Fight" video found on the public safety website.

Set Up Payment Elections

(Workday Task - Available July 2)

In the event your student account has a credit balance that needs to be refunded to you, the Business Office will need to know how to make the payment. You can sign up for direct deposit by completing the Add Payment Elections task. If you elect not to set up direct deposit the default payment method will be a paper check. You can also refer to the guide Student Payment Election for Refund by following the link and the instructions provided there.

Consent to Receive Form 1098-T Electronically

(Workday Task - Available July 2) 

Form 1098-T is a statement that colleges and universities are required to issue to certain students. It provides the total dollar amount paid by the student for what is referred to as qualified tuition and related expenses (i.e. "QTRE") in a single tax year. IRS regulations state that each student who wishes to receive their 1098-T electronically must also provide consent electronically. Please read the terms and conditions regarding your consent below. Then, if you wish to take advantage of this paperless option, check the box to give your consent and submit the form. If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of the form mailed to your home address, simply submit this form without checking the box for consent. If you have further questions please contact the Business Office at (540) 458-8730 or

Terms and Conditions: By submitting the information below, you are giving your consent to receive your 1098-T statement electronically. By signing up for an electronic version, no paper 1098-T statement will be mailed to you. When your statement is ready, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to access your 1098-T statement through Workday. In order to protect your privacy, the email will contain no information specific to you or your financial information.

Make My Federal Student Aid Authorizations

(Workday Task - Available July 2)

Federal Regulations require Washington and Lee University to apply Title IV funds (Pell, SEOG, Federal Direct Student Loans) to qualifying charges only, such as; tuition, student fees, room, and board. Any Title IV funds remaining after these charges have been paid are "excess Title IV funds". The purpose of this form is to allow students to authorize W&L to apply the excess Title IV funds, if applicable, to pay other non-qualifying charges such as; bookstore charges, parking and library fines, non-institutional expenses and other various fees. Without authorization these are not charges for which certain federal financial aid funds can be automatically applied.

The completion of this form is entirely voluntary. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions: Federal Student Aid Authorizations document for further details before submitting this form. To provide your authorization, please check the box next to "I Authorize" on the form below and then click submit. If you would prefer not to provide this authorization, simply submit this form without checking the box for consent. If you have further questions please contact the Business Office at (540) 458-8730 or

Honor System at W&L

During First-Year orientation you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Honor System at Washington and Lee University. 

Binge Thinking √

(available July 30)

Binge Thinking is an online fast-paced interactive program which uses games and a conversational format to encourage reflection and challenges you to make positive decisions around alcohol use. To view more information on the program please visit the online prevention programs website.

U Got This! √

(available July 30)

U Got This! is an online prevention program on sexual assault that empowers students to make healthy decisions, intervene in difficult situations, and learn about resources available to students on campus. To view more information on the program please visit the online prevention programs website

Continuing Education

Our primary interest is your holistic development. Your learning outcomes should include:

  • A sense of belonging at Washington and Lee.
  • An understanding of the connection between Washington and Lee's educational mission and your own personal mission. 
  • Strategies for managing time and priorities.
  • Knowledge of and a willingness to use academic and co-curricular resources and opportunities.
  • The ability to articulate your own personal and professional goals, as well as define potential pathways toward achieving those goals.

We focus on a growth mindset with an emphasis on wellness and inclusion. In addition to the information on the FYE website and shared during orientation, we offer continuing education sessions during fall term. You can learn more about what to expect at