Public Safety

Keeping Washington and Lee students, employees and visitors secure and safe is Public Safety's primary concern.  To accomplish this requires not just the efforts of members of the Public Safety Department, but the cooperation, understanding and support of every member of our community. Public Safety cannot maintain a safe environment alone; you can help by doing everything you can to assist with safety and security issues. If you observe something in this area of concern, please report it as soon as possible.

As a member of the Student Affairs Division, Public Safety is committed to the total learning process for students at Washington and Lee. Because of Public Safety's requirement to also be the enforcement agency of the university our officers deal with a variety of issues. Sometimes the activities on a university campus can place Public Safety in direct conflict with members of the community. When those incidents occur, it is Public Safety's goal to address them with the highest degree of professionalism. Part of the college experience is learning to take individual responsibility for decisions made. Public Safety is committed to helping all members of the university community make decisions that promote positive experiences during their journey through Washington and Lee.

Emergency Management

Sign up for General Alerts, learn more about how we communicate and respond in the event of minor or major emergencies, read a summary of the University's Emergency Management Plan and find out more about our Building Generals.

The Washington and Lee University LiveSafe App

LiveSafe, a mobile-safety technology for the Washington and Lee University community, empowers students, University employees and campus visitors to take charge of their own safety and to look out for those around them. Download it today!

Campus Safety and Crime Reporting

Important information about campus safety, including the Annual Campus Security Report, resources for Campus Security Authorities and our Anonymous Crime Reporting form.

Parking and Vehicle Registration

All Washington and Lee students, faculty and staff members, subject to certain restrictions outlined below, are permitted to own and operate motor vehicles at the University during the academic year. Learn more about parking restrictions and vehicle registration.

Traveller Safe Ride Program

Traveller serves the W&L community as a safe ride system. Traveller Dispatch deploys three vehicles that travel along a fixed route seven nights a week, 10pm-2am using a student dispatch system with a single call number (458-8900). In addition to this service, Traveller Express provides four 28 passenger mini-buses with an expanded coverage on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10pm-2am.