First-Year Housing Form

All applications must be submitted online through New Student Onboarding in Workday beginning in April. New students will receive notification from the Dean for First-Year Experience via email when the New Student Onboarding process is available, along with instructions on how to access the online housing agreement and housing match form.

The list of questions below will be part of the housing application process and must be completed by all students who apply for First-Year housing, even if the student is requesting a single room. This information WILL BE USED to assign your residence hall room and/or roommate; be yourself! *NOTE:  You may not choose your residence hall preference. This application will take approximately 20 minutes, so do not start the application until you know you have sufficient time to complete it.  We are providing this list of questions in advance so you can be prepared when the Housing Application/Preference Form is available in the New Student Onboarding process.

  1. Cell Phone
    (The best phone number to reach me at during the summer if there are any questions about my housing application.)
  2. Do you have circumstances that may be important (allergies, ailments, etc)? If yes, provide details. Please note that this is not a request for disability accommodations. For students with a qualifying disability, requests for disability accommodations in housing should be made according to the Accommodation Policy and Procedures for Students with Disabilities. See
  3. I would like to live in the following room type: (a) Single (b) Double (c) Triple
    The 2022-2023 Room Rate is the same for doubles, singles and triples.
  4. I would like to live on a co-ed hall.
    (Co-ed Housing means you will be on a hall with men and women as hallmates assigned to the same RA as opposed to a hall of all men or all women. Roommates will always be of the same gender and none of the bathrooms are co-ed.)
  5. I would like to live on a substance-free hall.
    (Alcohol and other drugs are not permitted in FY residence halls at any time, but Sub Free Housing goes a step further. Selecting Sub Free Housing indicates you will abstain from using alcohol and other drugs at all times and that you wish to live with other students who will do the same.)
  6. I understand that no preferences are guaranteed, but I if I had to rank/prioritize my preferences above, I would select the following order: 
    (a) Room Type/Subfree or Non-Subfree Hall/Co-ed Hall
    (b) Room Type/Co-ed Hall/Subfree or Non-Subfree Hall
    (c) Subfree or Non-Subfree Hall/Room Type/Co-ed Hall
    (d) Subfree or Non-Subfree Hall/Co-ed Hall/Room Type
    (e) Co-ed Hall/Room Type/Subfree or Non-Subfree Hall
    (f) Co-ed Hall/Subfree or Non-Subfree Hall/Room Type
  7. I understand a match is not guaranteed, but I would like to live in a double with ____ (both roommates must request one another. LEAVE COMPLETELY BLANK if you are not requesting a roommate.
  8. My ideal roommate is a person who is... (one word)
  9. My ideal roommate is a person who is... (one word)
  10. My ideal roommate is a person who is... (one word)
  11. My ideal roommate is a person who is... (one word)
  12. Do you smoke?
  13. Do you object to a roommate who smokes?
  14. I am interested in international issues.
  15. I am excessively neat.
  16. I prefer limited visits by members of the opposite sex.
  17. I go to bed before midnight.
  18. I need ____ hours of sleep.
  19. Are you a loud sleeper (snore)?
  20. Are you a light sleeper (sensitive to snoring)?
  21. Do you prefer your room quiet or lively?
  22. Do you prefer your hall quiet or lively?
  23. Religious Affiliation:
  24. I prefer a roommate with similar academic interests.
  25. My academic interests include:
  26. Extracurricular Interests:
  27. I play a musical instrument or sing. If yes, the instrument(s) I play are ____.
  28. Varsity or club sports I may do while at W&L:

Rooms are assigned in the order applications are received and Early Decision students are given preference. Room and roommate assignments will be sent to the students' W&L e-mail accounts July.