Parking and Vehicle Registration

Parking & Vehicle Registration

Washington and Lee University provides extensive parking options, attempting to best accommodate the needs of the University community.  Parking on the W&L campus is a privilege and is available on a first come, first served basis, in accordance with the rules and regulations as outlined below.

Vehicle Registration

All members of the University community must register motor vehicles and display a valid/current parking permit on their vehicle to park on campus. Vehicles are restricted from parking in all fire lanes and visitor parking areas.  Fifteen-minute parking spaces may NOT be utilized for overnight parking or parking longer than the allotted time. Registered vehicles will be issued permits as follows:

PermitDescriptionSpecific Parking Locations or Residence Halls
F/S Faculty/Staff member permit Any University parking lot with the exception of the Nelson Street  (Chi Psi) parking lot and any otherwise restricted spaces
C Commuter permit issued to students who reside in off-campus housing Parking Garage
DP Davidson Park permit issued to residents of the Davidson Park houses Davidson Park lot, Estill St. lot, Spotswood Drive lot, Varner Lane lot
FY First Year student permit Liberty Hall lot and West Denny lot
L Law Student permit Piney Woods Upper and Lower lots.
RA Resident Adviser/Community Assistant student permit Any student parking lot
RS Red Square permit issued to residents of the Red Square houses Corral lot, Jackson Ave. lot, Jefferson St. lot, Nelson St. lot, Red Square Lot
S Sorority permit issued to residents of Sorority Housing Sorority lot or Parking Garage
UD Upper Division permit issued to residents of the Upper Division Housing area Augusta Square lot, Liberty Hall lot, West Denny lot
WC Woods Creek permit issued to residents of Woods Creek Apartments Woods Creek lot, Parking Garage

For a map of parking locations around campus, please click HERE.

Vehicle Permit Policies

  • All students, faculty and staff must register motor vehicles (including motorcycles and mopeds) and display a valid/current parking permit on their vehicle to park on campus.
  • Vehicle registration must be completed using the online parking management system.  
  • Students may only have one permit issued to one vehicle at a time.
  • Faculty and staff may register up to two vehicles and must display their hangtag permit on any registered vehicle they park on campus.
  • If a motor vehicle is replaced or if the vehicle's registration information changes, students and employees are required to make those changes to their accounts in the online parking management system. 
  • Vehicle registration permit fees (if applicable) must be paid prior to receipt of the permit. Permit fees are assessed as follows:               

                 F/S Permit - No Fee
                 RA Permit - No Fee
                 All Others - $65 per academic year

  • Lost/Stolen permits must be reported immediately to Washington and Lee University Public Safety. 
  • Permit holders who need to park an alternative vehicle on campus, due to maintenance/repair or other similar situation, can obtain a temporary parking permit at the Department of Public Safety office.
  • Permits must be displayed clearly, unobstructed, and unaltered as follows:
            F/S Permit - F/S hangtag permits must be hung from the rearview mirror so that the image faces out and is clearly visible and unobstructed.
            All Others - All student permits are sticker-type permits and must be applied to the lower left-hand corner of the rear window.

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