Parking and Vehicle Registration

Parking & Vehicle Registration

Washington and Lee University provides extensive parking options, attempting to best accommodate the needs of the University community. The Department of Public Safety maintains these parking regulations with the goal of assuring that ample parking is available at all times. Parking on the W&L campus is a privilege, and is available on a first come, first served basis, in accordance with the rules and regulations as outlined below.

Vehicle Registration

All members of the University community must register motor vehicles and display a valid/current parking permit on their vehicle to park on campus. Registered vehicles will be issued permits as follows:

PermitDescriptionSpecific House Limitations
F/S Faculty/Staff member permit
C Commuter permit issued to students who reside in off campus housing
DP Davidson Park permit issued to residents of the Davidson Park houses Arts Recreation & Culture House, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Outing Club House, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Chi, Sustainability House
FY First Year student permit
L Law Student permit
RA Resident Adviser/Community Assistant student permit
RS Red Square permit issued to residents of the Red Square houses Beta Theta Pi, Chavis House, Chi Psi, Culinary House, Global Service House, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Nu, Spanish House, 19 University Place
S Sorority permit issued to residents of Sorority Housing Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Society, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi
UD Upper Division permit issued to residents of the Upper Division Housing area Village Apartments, Village Townhouses
WC Woods Creek permit issued to residents of Woods Creek Apartments Woods Creek Apartments

Vehicle Registration Policies

  1. All students, faculty and staff must register motor vehicles (including motorcycles and mopeds) and display a valid/current parking permit on their vehicle to park on campus.
  2. Vehicle registration must be completed using the online parking management system. Registration will open for 2021-2022 permits in mid-July. Watch your email and campus notices for an announcement of permit availability.  Students may only have one permit issued to one vehicle at a time. Faculty and staff may register multiple vehicles and must display their hangtag permit on any registered vehicle they park on campus.
  3. If a motor vehicle is replaced or if the vehicle's registration information changes, students and employees are required to make those changes to their account in the online parking management system. There is a $10 replacement fee for a new permit.
  4. Vehicle registration permit fees (if applicable) must be paid prior to receipt of the permit. Permit fees are assessed as follows:
    • F/S Permit - No Fee
    • RA Permit - No Fee
    • All Others - $65 per academic year
  5. Lost/Stolen permits must be reported immediately to Washington and Lee University Public Safety. There is a $10 replacement fee for all permits.
  6. Permit holders who need to park an alternative vehicle on campus, due to maintenance/repair or other similar situation, can obtain a temporary parking permit at the Department of Public Safety office.
  7. Permits must be displayed clearly, unobstructed and unaltered as follows:
    • F/S Permit - F/S hangtag permits must be hung from the rearview mirror so that the image faces out and is clearly visible and unobstructed.
    • All Others - All students permits are sticker type permits and must be applied to the lower left hand corner of the rear window.

Parking Regulations

General Parking Policies

  1. Parking policies as outlined below are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round.
  2. Campus parking areas are reserved for vehicles with the appropriate permit between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, including all examination and vacation periods. Some designated parking areas have additional restrictions as indicated below.
  3. All members of the Washington and Lee University community must display a valid parking permit to park on campus.
  4. A parking permit is considered valid only if displayed according to the parking policies or special instructions provided by the Department of Public Safety at the time of issuance.
  5. A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space in any particular lot. The inability to find a legal space within a particular lot is not valid reason for parking in violation of any parking policies.
  6. A parking permit is no longer valid when a student is withdrawn from the University for any reason, or when a faculty or staff member's employment is terminated for any reason.
  7. All vehicles utilizing University parking areas are required to be in good operational condition and have a valid state registration affixed to the vehicle. Disabled vehicles must be removed from W&L property within 48 hours and notification must be made to the Department of Public Safety to confirm arrangements, or the vehicle is subject to towing. A vehicle that does not display a valid state registration is subject to immediate towing, unless arrangements have been made with the Department of Public Safety.
  8. Long term parking (during winter and summer breaks) or vehicle storage is prohibited without authorization from the Department of Public Safety. Vehicles may be subject to towing, at owner's expense.

Accessible Parking

  1. Parking in a marked handicapped space is permitted only by a vehicle displaying a valid, state or municipality issued handicap parking permit or license plate. If the vehicle also meets the requirements of University registration, it must also be registered in accordance with the vehicle registration policies outlined above. Information about how to apply for a state issued handicap permit is available on the DMV website.
  2. If a space designated for handicap parking cannot be located, permit holders can park in any space (which is not reserved for other purposes) in any University parking lot nearest their destination. University permit and handicap permit must be displayed.

Visitor Parking

  1. Visitor parking is reserved for Washington and Lee University guests who are visiting campus. Students, faculty and staff are not permitted to park in these areas, as indicated below.
  2. Visitor parking is available is the following designated areas:
    1. University Chapel Visitor Spaces - 8am to 5pm, 7 days a week
    2. Lewis Hall Visitor Spaces - 24/7
    3. Parking Garage Visitor Spaces - 24/7
    4. East Denny Circle spaces at Parking Garage - 24/7

Parking Enforcement and Penalties

Parking Permissions by Permit Type

PermitDescriptionPermissions (in effect Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm, open parking after hours and weekends)
F/S Faculty/Staff any University parking space, unless space is otherwise designated or restricted
C Commuter Parking Garage
DP Davidson Park Davidson Park lots (Davidson Park Lot, Estill St. Lot, Spotswood Drive Lot, Varner Lane Lot)
FY First Year First Year parking areas only (Liberty Hall Lot and West Denny Lot)
L Law Student Law School student lots (Upper and Lower Piney Woods lots, across the opposite side of Easy Denny from Lewis Hall)
RA Resident Advisor/Community Assistant any University student parking area (Parking Garage, Gaines Hall Lot, Davidson Park Lots, Red Square Lots, Sorority Lot, Upper Division Lots, Woods Creek Lot)
RS Red Square Red Square lots (Corral Lot, Jackson Ave. Lot, Jefferson St. Lot, Nelson St. Lot, Red Square Lot)
S Sorority Sorority Lot or Parking Garage
UD Upper Division Upper Division lots (Augusta Square Lot, Liberty Hall Lot, West Denny Lot)
WC Woods Creek Woods Creek Lot & E. Denny Garage

Overflow parking for all permit types is available in Event Parking Lots A & B off of West Denny Circle. Overnight parking is NOT permitted in these lots.

Parking Violations

  1. Parking policies are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and can be enforced at all times.
  2. Parking fines are considered financial obligations due to the University. Parking fines should be paid through the University's online parking management system here. Fines that are not paid within fifteen days are subject to inclusion in the next normal university billing to the person to whom the ticket was issued. Fines that are processed for inclusion in university billing will incur a $25 processing fee when added to the ticket receiver's account.
  3. The person under whose name a vehicle is registered is responsible for parking violations involving such vehicle, although another person may have been operating the vehicle at the time of the violation. Any related fines are the same responsibility and handled as outlined above.
  4. Parking is not permitted at any time in the following locations;
    1. Small parking area immediately south of Warner Center (Gym Lot).
    2. On Frank Parsons Way, unless otherwise signed or designated
    3. In the Service Tunnel at Elrod Commons
    4. Any designated or restricted spaces, unless specifically noted on the signage for that specific space.
  5. Violation list and fine schedule - In order to maintain a fair and equitable campus parking experience and insure campus safety, Washington and Lee University has established the following parking violation list and schedule of fines:
Altered/Fraudulent Permit Parking using an altered or fraudulently obtained permit $100
Blocking Dumpster Parking blocking a dumpster $50
Blocking Sidewalk/Crosswalk/Intersection Parking blocking a sidewalk, crosswalk, roadway, or too close to an intersection or stop sign $35
Exceeded Posted Time Limit Parking in excess of a posted time limit $25
Expired Permit Parking after permit date has expired $75
Fail to Display Decal Failure to display, or properly display, parking permit $15
Fail to Obey Traffic Control Signal/Device Failure to obey traffic signs/devices, and/or directions of Public Safety staff $50
Fire Lane Parking in marked fire lanes, blocking fire hydrants, etc. $100
Handicapped Space Parking in a designated handicap space without a State issued permit or license plate $250
Improper Parking Parking on grass or in other areas not designated for parking, or parking outside of a marked space $25
Loading Zone Parking in an area designated as a loading zone $25
No Parking Zone Parking in a no parking zone as indicated by signage, yellow curbing and/or parking policies $25
Reserved Space Parking in a marked designated or reserved space $50
Unregistered Vehicle Parking with a vehicle not registered with the University $100
Vehicle Idling Vehicles idling for more than 20 seconds while stationary.
Wrong Lot Parking with the wrong permit for lot $25


  1. Washington and Lee University reserves the right to have a vehicle removed (towed) from University owned/leased/controlled property at the vehicle owner's expense, if deemed necessary.
  2. The Department of Public Safety has no responsibility or obligation to contact the vehicle's owner/operator in advance of removing a vehicle.
  3. Circumstances in which a vehicle is subject to towing include the following:
    1. Vehicle is not registered with the University
    2. Vehicle that is continuously found in violation of parking policies and has been issued a minimum of three or more parking violations within the past 365 days
    3. Vehicle is found displaying an altered/fraudulent permit
    4. Vehicle is blocking a dumpster, sidewalk, driveway, crosswalk, intersection, roadway, or is otherwise improperly parked or creating a traffic safety concern
    5. Vehicle is parked in a no parking zone, loading zone, or fire lane violation
    6. Vehicle is parked in a designated or reserved space, including handicap spaces
    7. Vehicle has been determined to be abandoned, inoperable, or not displaying legal and valid state registration plates
    8. Vehicle is deemed to be creating a threat to the safety and security of the campus community (i.e. leaking fluids)
  4. Towed vehicles are removed from campus and moved to the property of the towing company. Any towing fees, storage or other towing related charges are payable directly to the towing company and are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.


  1. Any person who has been issued a violation notice has the right to file an appeal within fifteen days of the issue date of the violation. After that time the right to appeal has been forfeited.
  2. All appeals must be filed through the University's online parking management system.
  3. Appeals will either be approved or denied. The appeal outcome notification will be delivered by email to the address provided by the appellant. After completion of an appeal, any outstanding fines will be handled as indicated in section ‘b' under the parking violations heading above.
  4. Appeals will only be considered if the violation was issued in error or if there were extreme mitigating circumstances that warranted the violation.

Long-Term Parking

Long-term parking is available by request only and granted on a case-by-case basis. Upon approval, you will be instructed where to park your vehicle and provided with a temporary permit.

In order to be approved for long-term parking, you must have an active parking permit on file for the current academic year.

Terms of long-term parking:

  • Vehicle will contain no perishables, contraband, or valuables.Vehicle can only be parked in designated long-term parking areas.
  • W&L personnel will not retrieve and send to the owner any requested items.

  • Vehicle owner may retrieve items upon prior notice and will be accompanied to/from vehicle for retrieval by Public Safety.
  • Vehicle must be moved from long-term parking by end date to avoid ticketing, fine, and/or revocation of parking privileges.

To submit a request for long-term parking, please use the form located HERE

Special Parking Accommodations

Special parking accommodations are designed to support those students who need assistance due to a temporary physical restriction or injury. Due to the high number of requests, all requests must be submitted through the University's accommodation process and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Accommodation requests must be made through Lauren Kozak for undergraduate students and Trenya Mason for law students. In order to be considered, please contact the appropriate individual to schedule a consultation for accommodation. To provide fair due process, requests received outside of the accommodation process will not be considered.

Please note, the university cannot issue handicapped parking placards. All handicapped parking spaces are regulated by state agencies, regardless of location. Therefore, state-issued disability tags are the only way to access handicapped parking across campus. All requests for handicapped placards will be directed to the DMV.

All other accommodations will be assessed and a temporary parking pass will be provided if deemed necessary. Please note, that parking on campus is never guaranteed for any specific lot or spot. Public Safety may be able to provide a ride to class, but rides cannot be guaranteed and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The primary duties of the officers are to respond to emergencies and maintain the safety of the university. The department will assist whenever possible, but should not be considered a primary solution.
Tips to consider:

  • Apply for a Temporary Handicapped tag through the Division of Motor Vehicles
  • Leave early for class
  • Get a ride with friends
  • Ask a roommate for a ride
  • Coordinate with classmates