New-Student Registration Information

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First-Year Students

First-year (FY) students register for classes during orientation in August. Students are given training on the Self-Service Student Planning registration process and work with faculty advisers to create a class schedule during this time.

There are several resources that students can use to prepare for class registration and these are listed below.

  • Your faculty adviser is your most important resource for selecting classes. You will be assigned your initial faculty adviser during August.
  • The course offering list for each term, found under the Registration icon or New Student tab on the University Registrar's homepage, provides key information.
    • You can filter on "Course Type" to pick and view all AFY ("Appropriate for First-Year") courses.
    • Also, look under "Details" to find a course description and additional course information.
    • Some classes have prerequisites or require instructor consent for enrollment.
    • Some courses appear closed or waitlisted during the summer, but additional seats are opened for FY students just prior to Orientation and FY registration.
  • The University Catalog is an invaluable resource to give you information on requirements for graduation, academic regulations, and departmental/course information. Become familiar with the online catalog at
  • Review the "Foundation and Distribution Requirements ("FDRs) which is W&L's way of referring to areas of study required for graduation (general education requirements).
  • By the end of July, you can see what credit you have received for AP, IB, or some placement tests. College coursework taken elsewhere is posted as reports are received and evaluated by the W&L University Registrar's office. Note: It is the student's responsibility to contact the College Board and International Baccalaureate, as relevant, to be sure that official score reports have been sent directly to the W&L University Registrar's office. We do not accept student copies or unofficial posts on the high school transcript. AP/IB official reports should be received over the summer so the results may be posted to your academic record in time for fall-term registration during orientation.
  • For college work completed prior to arrival at W&L (e.g., summer programs, dual enrollment) complete the First-Year Student Credit Transfer Request form. This completed form, supporting documentation, and official transcripts must be received by August 1 so the results may be evaluated and posted to your academic record.
  • Plan to take four courses in the fall. You should take at least 12 credits and and typically 13-15 credits.

You will want to tentatively choose courses that

  • fulfill a FDR, and/or
  • enable you to explore a potential major, and/or
  • seem interesting to you, and
  • are available (i.e., are "open", not "closed" or "waitlisted"), and
  • create a viable schedule (with courses that aren't offered at conflicting times).

Transfer and Exchange Students

Transfer and exchange students can register for classes once

  • they have been notified that registration is open to them,
  • they have communicated with their faculty adviser, and
  • they have been given online approval to register by the faculty adviser.

Step-by-step guidelines for planning your courses and actually registering for classes are outlined on the Student Planning Registration Help for Students webpage. As transfer credit is approved and posted to your W&L record, you can view it on your Self-Service Schedule & Plan screen.