New-Student Registration Information

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First-Year Students

With assistance from a summer registration adviser, First-year (FY) students will indicate their course preferences on the summer registration form, which is due mid-July. The University will collect this information and use it as a basis for creating course schedules, which will be compiled and communicated to FYs in late August. Your initial faculty adviser assignment will also be included in this communication.

Listed below are some key points for FY students to take under advisement as they prepare for their first term of study at W&L.

  • In addition to addressing academic-related questions, your initial faculty adviser is a key member of your support network who can help connect you with resources and opportunities across campus. As noted above, your initial faculty adviser assignment will be communicated to you in late August.
  • The University Catalog provides information on requirements for graduation, academic regulations, and departmental/course information.
  • Familiarize yourself with W&L's Foundation and Distribution Requirements ("FDRs"), which are comprised of areas of study required for all students for graduation.
  • Once received and evaluated, credits for AP, IB (International Baccalaureate), and some placement tests will be posted to your academic record in Workday. Please note that college coursework taken elsewhere is posted as official transcripts are received and evaluated by the W&L University Registrar's office. Note: It is the student's responsibility to contact the College Board and International Baccalaureate, as relevant, to be sure that official score reports have been sent directly to the W&L University Registrar's office. W&L does not accept student copies or unofficial posts on the high school transcript.
  • For college work completed prior to arrival at W&L (e.g., summer programs, dual enrollment), please complete the First-Year Student Credit Transfer Request form. The completed form, supporting documentation, and official transcripts must be received by August 1 so the results may be evaluated and posted to your academic record.
  • You should expect to be enrolled in four courses in the fall. At minimum, you will be enrolled in 12 credits, but typical academic course loads fall within the 13-15 credit range.

Transfer and Exchange Students

Transfer and exchange students can register for classes once

  • they have been notified that registration is open to them,
  • they have communicated with their faculty adviser, and
  • they have been given online approval to register by the faculty adviser.

Step-by-step guidelines for planning your courses and registering for classes are outlined on the Workday Student Help webpage. As transfer credit is approved and posted to your W&L record, you may view it on your "View My Academic Record" screen in the Academics app in Workday.