Credit from Away: International Baccalaureate (IB) IB credit equivalencies for each W&L department

Washington and Lee University will consider for credit or advanced placement only IB courses with Higher-Level examination results of 5, 6 or 7. Standard-Level results do not receive W&L credit. Specific credit and placement policies are available on this page, accessible at

Official IB transcripts must be received prior to August 15 in order for registration prerequisites to be satisfied and credits to be awarded.

Students are responsible to request an official transcript be sent directly to the W&L University Registrar. IBO only accepts the request on an IBO transcript request form submitted to them by mail (not fax) and full details and fees are outlined on the IBO website. Transcripts are forwarded electronically from the IB office to the W&L University Registrar once students have authorized the release of results to W&L.

IB scores and credit can be viewed on your W&L "Student Planning Test Summary" screen; W&L course equivalencies earned are posted on the "Schedule & Plan" and "Timeline" views. Only scores that earn W&L credit are posted on your W&L record.

The Faculty has set a deadline: In order to receive Washington and Lee credit, all documentation (official transcript of IB work) must be received by the University Registrar before the end of the first term in which the student is enrolled at W&L.

Recently awarded credits: Credit is granted at the discretion of the department head(s) involved, according to the following departmental policies in place for the coming fall term. "FDR" refers to W&L's Foundation and Distribution Requirements. If you receive credit for any of the following, make sure you don't register for the same W&L course number or you will lose your IB credit:

W&L Discipline - IB Higher-Level Test Score W&L Equivalency and Credit, with notation of FDR earned, if any Registration Recommendation
Art - Visual Art 5,6,7 ARTS 1-HA-M (3-credit 100-level HA elective) exempt from HA; take a different art history or studio art course
Biology 5,6,7 BIOL 1-SL-N (4-credit 100-level SL elective, but not the major) if biology, neuroscience or environmental science major or pre-health, take BIOL 111/113
Chemistry 5,6,7 CHEM 100 (4) SL if science major or pre-health, take CHEM 110
Chinese Language A1 5,6,7 CHIN 262 (4) FL exempt from FL, take CHIN 301
Economics 6,7 ECON 100(3): SS1 consider taking a 200-level course IN THE WINTER TERM
English Language & Literature A
English Literature A
6,7 WRIT 100 (3) FW exempt from FW; consider taking a 200-level literature course to fulfill HL or a 200-level creative writing course to fulfill HA
French Language A1 or B 6,7 FREN 162 (3) FL exempt from FL; take 200-level French course
Geography 6,7 GEN 10N (3-credit, 100-level, non-FDR, non-major elective) consider politics, sociology, or geology course
German Language B 6,7 GERM 262 (4) FL take GERM 311
History - Asia/OCE 5,6,7 HIST 103 (0) & 104 (3) HU any other 100-level HIST, but do not register for either HIST 103 or HIST 104
History - Americas 5,6,7 HIST 107 (0) & 108 (3), if no AP credit HU any other 100-level HIST, but do not register for either HIST 107 or 108
History - European 5,6,7 HIST 101 (0) & 102 (3), if no AP credit HU any other 100-level HIST, but do not register for either HIST 101 or HIST 102
History - World 5,6,7 HIST 174(3), if no AP credit HU any other 100-level HIST, but do not register for HIST 174
Japanese Language A1 5,6,7 JAPN 262 (4) FL exempt from FL, take JAPN 301
Mathematics 5,6,7 MATH 101(3) FM and 102(3) SC and the major intro sequence MATH 201, 221, or 222
Music in English 5,6,7 Contact the department head of the Music Department before the beginning of fall term
Physics 6,7 6 receives PHYS 1-SC-N (6-credit 100-level, SC elective), a non-major intro sequence without labs; 7 receives PHYS 111(3), 112(3) meeting SC, the major intro sequence without labs appeals for higher credit should be made as soon as possible to the department head, preferably prior to beginning of fall classes
Psychology 5,6,7 CBSC 1-SS3-M (6-credit 100-level SS3 elective) may be used toward the major with department head's permission
Spanish Language A1 or B 6,7 SPAN 162 (3) FL exempt FL; take 200-level Spanish course
Theater 5,6,7 THTR 1-HA-N (3-credit 100-level HA elective) exempt from HA; take a different theater or dance course

At this time, no W&L credit is awarded in the following IB areas:

  • Business & Management
  • Design Technology
  • English B
  • English Literature and Performance
  • Film
  • Instructional Technology in Global Society
  • Philosophy

Course numbering:

Courses with a number such as 2-FL-N or 1-SC-N represent a subject and if the course counts toward the major and/or meets a foundation and distribution requirement. Example: CHEM 1-SC-N = Chemistry elective, 100-level, meets FDR-SC, non-major course. A second example: SPAN 2-FL-M = Spanish elective, 200-level, meets FDR-FL, may be used for the major.


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