Continuing Education

All FYs are expected to complete Continuing Education during fall term.  There is much to be learned during your transition to college that cannot be fully appreciated during OWeek; doctors, lawyers, and several other professions have similar ongoing educational requirements; and this is consistent with the liberal arts ideal of life-long learning.  Continuing education simply means FYs are expected to attend discussions with their hall on the third Sunday and eighth Sunday.  Please keep your calendar blocked on those days between 1-5:30pm until you know if your hall was assigned 1-3pm or 3:30-5:30pm.  The third Sunday discussion on Wellness will be co-facilitated by your Residential Adviser (RA) and Peer Counselor (PC).  The eighth Sunday discussion on Diversity, Inclusion, and Community will be coordinated by the Office of Inclusion and Engagement.  In addition to these discussions, all FYs are strongly encouraged to review the content for FYE 100: General Success that covers a variety of issues and skill building important to the student experience at W&L.