The Writing Program


Students of WRIT 100:

  1. Write persuasive essays that contain a clear and debatable thesis, appropriately developed claims, and logical organization of argument.
  2. Analyze supporting evidence fully and convincingly, integrating the writer's ideas with those from appropriate primary or secondary sources.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of audience appropriate documentation conventions and mastery of sentence-level skills, including precision in grammar, mechanics, and style.
  4. Reflect on and apply the stages of the writing process including pre-writing, drafting, reviewing, conferencing, editing, and revising to develop polished final products.


The College offers the services of the Writing Center, which provides individual tutorial assistance on any college writing tasks, from papers and lab reports in any stage of completion to resumes and application essays.


Students place themselves in sections of Writing Seminar for First-Years (WRIT 100) during registration time. Each section has a distinct topic. Sufficient spaces in WRIT 100 sections are always offered each fall and winter to guarantee a place for each first-year student. Students and advisers must NOT postpone WRIT 100 for the sophomore year. Students other than first-years will have last choice in the winter. You can review the descriptions for all the WRIT 100 courses in in Self-Service.

Guidance for international/ESOL students: All WRIT-100 professors will be able to provide the support that international student writers need. But if you need extra help in the English language (or think you might), or need a professor who has training working with students for whom English is not a first language, look for sections taught by Profs. Kao or Smout. Each term, one or two sections will be appropriate for ESOL students. Visit also our page with Resources for International Student Writers.

Guidance for one-year visitors: One-year visitors hoping to take WRIT 100 must wait until first-year students, who are here for the full four years, have been accommodated. One-year visitors are encouraged to contact the professor teaching a winter term WRIT 100 with open spaces directly, or to enroll in English 201 if it is offered.

Guidance for sophomores and transfer students who have not taken college writing: You are unlikely to be exempted from the requirement without a college writing course. When you register for a section of the Writing Seminar for First-Years (WRIT 100), you will be placed on the waitlist because you are not a first-year student. Please see the Director of the Writing Program immediately in order to gain admission to a First-Year Writing Seminar section. You may have to wait until winter term.



Please contact:

Michael Berlin,
Writing Program Director
Payne Hall #202