Study Abroad

The Williams School offers opportunities for students to travel all over the world on approved study abroad programs for a semester, a full year or a summer. Semester and full-year programs are usually aimed at students from sophomore through senior year and planning should begin 6-9 months in advance. All eligible students can study abroad and financial aid will travel abroad with the student.

The Center for International Education (CIE) at Washington and Lee provides information for students interested in study abroad. Various programs have been vetted and approved to ensure quality and to confirm that curricula meet Washington and Lee's standards. Students should begin their inquiries there, but should also speak with Williams School faculty for advice and guidance.

Students also pursue outside scholarships (fellowships) for experiences abroad including research, language classes, and internships. To see some of the options, search the W&L database on fellowships. Under "What Type of Program?" choose "Travel" or "Language" from the drop-down menu. Please make an appointment with the Associate Dean of the College for an individual and customized consultation.

Spring Term Abroad

Spring Term Abroad is a special part of the Washington and Lee curriculum and experience. These courses allow students to get an up-close, intensive, and personal experience of the subject matter on-site with a W&L faculty member during the spring term.

Internships and Study Abroad

The benefits of interning abroad are unique and versatile. The experience of working and living in another country can be a truly enlightening venture. It also frequently develops and demands a level of personal and professional responsibility many students have not yet known.

Direct Enrollment Suggestions

Study abroad alongside local and international students by directly enrolling at a university abroad. These direct enrollment programs are recommended by the Williams School.


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Certificate of International Immersion

Students who show significant commitment to and understanding of global interaction may apply to have their experiences recognized with a Certificate of International Immersion, noted on the transcript and in the listing of honors at Commencement.