Connolly Entrepreneurship Society

The Connolly Entrepreneurship Society (CES), formerly the Venture Club, was established in 2010 to help students from across campus learn about entrepreneurship in a hands-on environment. Members meet weekly in the J. Lawrence Connolly Center to consult for startups, listen to guest speakers and learn valuable business skills through in-club projects.

Mission Statement

The Connolly Entrepreneurship Society prepares students to accel in a dynamic and ever-changing world by providing hands-on experiences for developing important skills and essential knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Summit

The CES plays a critical role in the planning and execution of the Entrepreneurship Summit, an annual event that draws over 120 alumni and 300 students. During the Summit, members compete in pitch competitions, attend alumni pitches and seminars, and have many opportunities to network with attendees.


During weekly meetings, members work in teams to develop entries for competing at E-Fest, an entrepreneurship competition. Students iterate innovative solutions, create business models, and develop pitches. Teams selected as finalists travel to Minneapolis to compete in person.


In the Fall term, students work in teams to complete consulting projects for alumni, local Lexington businesses, and other startups. Students interact directly with clients and present the culmination of their work in a deliverable at the end of the term.