We advance knowledge and develop principled, inclusive leaders in commerce, economics, and politics.

We are a tight-knit community of students, faculty, alumni, staff, and administrators. We bring together diverse experience and unique sets of skills in everything we do, from teaching, to research, to establishing programs and events.

Advance knowledge

We offer a broad array of activities and experiences rooted in the liberal arts tradition that provide the intellectual and ethical means for understanding, evaluating, and creatively addressing issues in commerce, economics, and politics. Both inside and outside the classroom, within and across disciplines, domestically and internationally, we build upon existing areas of knowledge, discover innovative ideas and solutions, and educate bold, independent, and well-rounded thinkers.

Develop principled, inclusive leaders

We work within a trusting academic environment that values forward-looking, adaptive, and cutting-edge approaches to molding responsible and engaged global citizens. We understand leaders to be members of society who can develop thoughtfully reasoned and informed positions, respect alternative viewpoints, act with fairness, and carry a sense of humility about the limits of their own capacities. Our graduates will help others make a meaningful impact on the world.