Real Estate Society

Mission Statement

The Real Estate Society ("RES" or the "Society") is a student organization that seeks to develop an enhanced understanding of real estate development and investment. Under authority delegated from the Washington and Lee University Board of Trustees, the group manages a portion of the University's endowment to make real estate investments in public equity markets. The group also hosts guest speakers, conducts market research, and participates in an annual case competition to utilize what members have learned over the course of their participation with the society. Real Estate Society members are selected through a competitive annual application process.

Investment Activities

RES members manage a portion of the University's endowment and invest in real-estate related public equities to gain invaluable hands-on experience and industry knowledge that cannot be learned in a classroom. RES employs a top-down investment procedure and seeks to identify companies trading below their intrinsic value. The Society is divided into the following asset-class groups: Office/Healthcare, Industrial/Self-Storage, Retail, Residential/ Lodging, Specialized/Diversified. The investment process for the individual groups begins with in-depth research and analysis of their respective sector. They then screen for and perform a holistic evaluation of companies whose portfolios consist of properties in the selected asset class within and without the RES holdings. After developing a thorough buy or sell rationale, the groups present their respective potential investments/divestments to the entire Society, and the Society subsequently votes on whether to buy, sell, or hold the real estate equity.


RES is composed of highly motivated and qualified students that have demonstrated an interest in real estate. The leadership is headed by two Executive Directors who possess ultimate responsibility for the Society and conduct and oversee all operations. Asset-Class Group Heads lead their respective groups, mentoring younger members and leading their group during the investment/divestment process. Asset-Class Groups are comprised of 4-6 members.