Departments and Programs

Accounting & Finance Department

The accounting major at Washington and Lee University builds on the liberal arts course foundation, increasing analytical and communication skills while providing knowledge necessary to work in any number of business areas. Majors take a combination of accounting & finance, economics, and business administration courses which prepares them for a variety of jobs.

Business Administration Department

The Business Administration Department's role in the education of students in the liberal arts tradition in the Williams School at Washington and Lee University emphasizes written and verbal communication, development of student understanding of business theory and practice as well as connections between business and other fields, and importance of serving society with vision and integrity.

Economics Department

Washington and Lee's Department of Economics seeks to give its students a fundamental understanding of economic processes and institutions with an emphasis on the liberal arts. Students learn to think critically using analytical tools, allowing them to apply theory to economic and social issues. With the empirical tools of the discipline, students also develop an ability to evaluate the validity of theoretical predictions. Additionally, students develop communication skills, making graduates well-suited to address complex issues in today's world.

Politics Department

The Department of Politics at Washington and Lee University teaches students to be informed and active citizens of a free society, able to think about politics with rigor and nuance. We offer a wide array of courses in American government, political philosophy, global politics, and statistics and methods. We encourage students to pursue their education in an interdisciplinary manner and we provide opportunities to augment their study in off-campus and experiential learning programs.

Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship

The J. Lawrence Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary center intended to help students from across campus learn how to turn their creative ideas into successful business ventures. The Connolly Center is named in recognition of the generosity and support of Leigh and Larry Connolly '79. Connolly is the former CEO of Connolly Inc., a recovery audit accounting and consulting firm. The couple gave $2.5 million to the university in 2013 to establish the center.

Interdisciplinary Programs

True to its liberal arts tradition, Washington and Lee boasts many robust interdisciplinary programs. Williams School students take many courses in these programs and often minor in areas like environmental studies and poverty and human capability studies. Williams School faculty are also heavily involved in interdisciplinary programs across campus, teaching courses and serving as directors.