Office of Community-Based Learning Cultivating Community through Collaboration

Community-Based Learning (CBL) is an educational approach that integrates learning and mentorship with community engagement through reciprocal community partnerships and critical reflection. CBL aims to benefit students, community partners, and the greater good. CBL typically occurs within a credit-bearing course or within similar structured learning activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support, enhance and develop mutually-beneficial, reciprocal collaborations that enrich engaged teaching and learning while advancing community interests.

We envision a community transformed by faculty, staff, community partners, and students learning and collaborating together to achieve greater good.

Who We Engage

Community PartnersFacultyStudents
nonprofits, government agencies, community action groups, and more from any discipline on campus enrolled in a CBL course and through other engagement channels

Our Core Values

CBL is Collaborative and Asset-Based

We believe everyone who participates in CBL -- faculty members, campus admins, community partners, and students -- contributes valuable skills and insights that enrich our collaborations. We believe in working with others, as opposed to performing work for or to others.

CBL is Process-Oriented and Person-Centered

We believe in conducting our work in transparent, methodical ways. Our process matters as much as the results of our collaborations. CBL is highly relational work, and we acknowledge the complexity of the individuals with whom we engage. We value the experiences, expertise, and individual strengths of each faculty, campus administrator, community partner, and student with whom we collaborate.

Connect With Us

Whether you are a community partner, student, or faculty member, connect with us to discuss your community-based projects and learning ideas.