For Community Partners

The Office of Community-Based Learning supports campus/community engagement, from idea development and course design through project delivery and end-of-term assessment. 


  • Converse with community partners regarding their ideas and aspirations. 
  • Connect faculty, community partners, and students to create mutually-beneficial collaboration.
  • Provide guidance on creating agreements, as well as completing participant consent forms and other legal documents.
  • Offer training and orientation resources that prepare W&L students to engage with the community.
  • Coordinate transportation for students enrolled in CBL courses.
  • Assist with funding for courses or project-related expenses. 

What Do Community Partners Say About Working With W&L Students?

Over 95% Agreed That...

• Students collaborated effectively 

• Students made positive contributions to their organization

• Students communicated well and followed organizational rules

"There were so many valuable components of this collaboration, but I would say the most valuable was the attitudes the volunteers exhibited every time they came. The energy and enthusiasm of the students was so appreciated...This is a challenging, exhausting job, and the students' dynamism was contagious and extremely helpful on challenging days."

"[I most valued that] students took feedback from the organization and used it to improve their project to better meet the needs of the organization."

"Although the knowledge that the W&L faculty and staff brought to our group was wonderful, I think the most valuable part of this collaboration was the relationships that were built."


Partnering with CBL

Learn about CBL collaborations, and reach out to the CBL team to share your aspirations for partnership so we can start brainstorming project possibilities together. The majority of CBL initiatives begin with these casual conversations.

Engage W&L

GivePulse is an online platform for event and volunteer management. While community partners can use the platform to manage all of their volunteer activity, CBL uses this tool internally to track W&L's student engagement data. Download the CP Admin Guide to create a free account and learn how to use this tool.