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What is CBL? - CBL Opportunities - Student Voices

What is CBL? 

CBL happens when academic experience meets community engagement. The Office of Community-Based Learning supports the development of courses that engage with the community in reciprocal and mutually beneficial ways.

What CBL Opportunities are Available?

1. Take a CBL course
2. Learn about CBL research and internship opportunities
3. View other student engagement and service learning opportunities at W&L
4. Connect with Engage W&L to learn about volunteer possibilities in the community

What Do Students Say about CBL?

"CBL has impacted every aspect of my academic and professional career. From introducing me to organizations like The Community Table where I now serve on the Board of Directors, to supporting advocacy projects with artists incarcerated at Augusta Correctional Center, CBL has shown me the power of building reciprocal relationships between academia and the broader community."

- Laura Calhoun, Class of 2020

"Through my CBL experiences, my education was never confined to the classroom but showed me how to combine theory with practice, how to never be complacent with the status quo, and how much I still have to learn about the world around me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a part of the Lexington/Rockbridge Community in a way that I could not have imagined. You have shaped my college experience and my future to come.."

- Kate McEvoy, Class of 2020

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What Do Students Experience in CBL Courses?

  • Participate in the Lexington and Rockbridge Community
  • Build positive relationships between W&L and the broader community
  • Gain experience addressing real-world problems
  • Develop skills that translate well into resumes and future careers
  • Challenge personal perspectives and assumptions in a supportive environment
  • Work with individuals outside the university towards common goals that entail mutual understanding and respect
  • Connect classroom learning to the real world
  • Move with others towards a just and equitable society