CBL Teaching Assistants

Students serve as CBL Teaching Assistants within CBL-designated courses to offer faculty critical support for coordinating student community engagement experiences and quality service. Taken during the semester when they are serving as TAs, students take a 1 credit TA course. This course provides TAs with support, instruction, and professional development. The course prepares TAs to lead discussions, support students in bridging understanding between course materials and community engagement, communicate best practices when working with community members, provide follow-up assistance for students regarding community-engagement responsibilities and tasks, and assist professors in creating reflection activities and assignments. The course also provides students with a unique opportunity to develop professionally, engage more deeply with the community, and collaborate closely with a faculty member. Students will be provided with a certification of completion after they successfully fulfill all the course requirements. 

Fall 2023 TAs 

CBSC 113 - Principles of Development (Gibson)

  • Kathleen Roberts, '24

ENGN/PHY 207 - Electrical Circuits (Erickson)

  • Sarina Cusumano, '25
  • Michell Lin, '25

SOAN 253/POV 253 - Narrating Culture, Society, and Identity (Goluboff)

  • Alina de Zoysa '25
  • Scholar from a Regional Correctional Facility (not pictured)

WRIT 100 - Writing Seminar for First Years (Pickett)

  • Jessie Zhang, '26

Interested in having or being a CBL TA? Please connect with CBL at communitybasedlearning@wlu.edu