DR 2: 9 American Newspapers 1769-1790 / 65 American Newspapers 1783-1789

9 American Newspapers: 1769 - 1770 - 1776 - 1781 - 1782 - 1788 - 1790
65 American Newspapers: 1783 - 1784 - 1785 - 1786 - 1787 - 1788 - 1789

9 American Newspapers 1769-1790 

The following nine American newspapers are framed separately in Plexiglas for use in the classroom.


Aug. 26 Providence Gazette
Article by "Lucius Verus" on the situation in America / London Artist Society is raising money for the poor in Corsica / Suggestion made to revise Parliament in order to avoid the evils of political power / Troops sent to the East Indies / Healthy woman predicts correctly her death / 600 Whigs attend an elegant party / General Paoli leaves Italy / Indian raids in Pennsylvania result in "not a white man between Fort Pitt and Ligonier" / New Governor in Newfoundland / Sloop shipwreck / Ship struck by lightning / New trade restrictions / Puttawattames (sic) Indians deliver two of their tribe to Detroit because they killed two Englishmen on the Illinois river / Tavern owner's wife commits suicide because of melancholy caused by the death of her son / On the fourth anniversary of the founding of "The True Sons of Liberty", 59 toasts were drunk, 45 of them at the Liberty Tree tavern / British force arrives in Halifax / 14 sheep killed by lightning / Letters from London on the politics in America / Governor Bernard's letter on a merchants' meeting / Isaac Doolittle, a New-Haven watch and clock-maker, builds a new mahogany printing press for William Goddard in Philadelphia. [Goddard printed the Pennsylvania Chronicle, acclaimed as one of the best American newspapers of the 18th century both in content and production] / Abel Buell, Jeweler of Killingsworth, Connecticut has made founding types for printing. [Up to this time presses and type were imported from England] / Whaling news / Child falls into fire and burns to death / Horse race / Ads: College commencement, Library meeting, shoemaker / London news: Italian women follow Paoli's troops to care for the wounded / Epitaph for the Reverend Whitefield / Petition to recall the Governor of Massachusetts / Odd marriage certificate / A shoe-black steals shoes / An hour long boxing match / Mob attacks a young man / Quaker meeting / Russia fighting Turkey / News from India / Gardner in England finds a Roman piece of copper / Ads: Distiller wants employment, Vessel's hull for sale, lost leather pocket-book, Doctor Hugh Bolton's Method cures cancer.



Feb. 19 Pennsylvania Chronicle
Long article by Alexander McDougall, from a New-York gaol, on Liberty / From the London Morning Chronicle: William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, dies and in his will leaves: cash to Wilkes, leading the mob to the Duke of Grafton, modesty to Rigby and Barre, my quickness to Grenville, my political genius to the Earl of Temple, eloquence to Beckford, integrity to Lord Holland, clear connection to Lord Barrington, humanity to the world, prudence to the late Lord Mayor, moral character, spirit of patriotism, sagacity, gold and silver to the Society for Supporting the Bill of Rights / Empress Catherine The Great receives news of victory over the Turks / Melville is the new Governor of Newfoundland / In France, all newspapers are sent to Paris for inspection [censorship?] before distribution / Strange tragedy in Africa of a dreadful vapor / Paoli at war with the Genose / Mulgrave letter on treachery / Three regiments are sent to Ireland / Presents for Wilkes / Scottish Lord, who supports the game acts, is shot accidentally / Boston ladies agree not to drink tea / Tragedy on a Delaware bay island / Liberty pole is erected in New-York / New-England towns resolve not to trade with Great Britain / Maryland returns British cargo / Ads: Theater performances, real estate, William Evitt's printing-office moves to Strawberry Alley, bricklayer wanted for the West Indies / London news: Lord Gordon is executed, condemned man proclaims his innocence / A Lord finds his wife unfaithful, so he shuts her out of house and home / French take an East India ship / Expect war with France / Ladies sew the number 45 on muslin aprons to honor the champion of liberties / Ads: lost watch, real estate, goldsmith, diapers suitable for table cloths, auction, runaway servant man, five runaways, from a ship now in Annapolis, all owed passage money.



Oct. 19 Providence Gazette
In reference to the British Peace Commissioners who met with Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge on Staten Island: at the time, someone wrote on this newspaper that he wished that Americans and the British could agree and have peace. [The meeting was derided in newspapers and only stiffened the American resolve for "Independency"] / London reports that there are now 51,000 troops in America / The Thames river is full of transports / George III will supply more German mercenaries / " American war will be our most expensive" / A new Pennsylvania regiment is formed / Fighting in South America / American ships taken near Bermuda / Sir Guy Carleton letter: British drive rebels [Mr. Arnold] from Quebec and Canada / Rumor that Americans in Paris offering Canada for their help / Fire in St. Christopher, West Indies / Indian fighting in South Carolina / General Lee enroute to New-York / Howe's Declaration: King to revise laws offensive to American in order to gain peace but he cannot accept independency, he wants to confer with Congress to accept peace / General Sterling exchanged for two Royal Governors / British land at Frog's Neck in Westchester and advance / William Smith [author of the History of New-York] replies to British lies / British exaggerate American losses as they take over New-York and Long Island and go into Westchester / Women spies in London / Washington faces British on the Harlem Plains / Letter from "A Soldier" urges resistance / Fire and gales in the West Indies / British ships are trying to sail up the Hudson river / Ads: "Pay for your newspaper", condemned ships, journeyman printer wanted and a printing apprentice, need sheepskin for binding books, journeyman blacksmith wanted, slave runaway, prize ship, please pay post-rider, deserters, case lost, two new Continental ships ready to sail, school, book binding, carriage for sale, spelling and prime books, taylor [tailor] runaway



Feb. 8 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Long article on the anaconda, a monstrous serpent / Edmund Burke declines election / British General Benedict Arnold raids Richmond / Letter on the spirit of 1775 and 1776 / Sarcastic introduction to Sir William Howe's "Declaration" for peace which is interspersed with more sarcasm by the printer / 1780 correspondence between Cornwallis and British officers concerning military action in the South - mentions Ferguson, Tarleton, Brown, Indians, Cruger, and Ninety-six / British treat with Cherokees so these Indians will raid southern towns / Ads: Contents of Russell's almanac / Poem to Washington / Prize ship arrives in Salem / An account of a shipwreck on Boon island / D'Estaing's fleet is in the West Indies / Rumor that Admiral Rodney is defeated at St. Vincent's / Ads: Real estate, lottery, Continental dollars for ale to make paper.



Feb. 18 Edinburgh Evening Courant
Bill to aid wool-growers / Letter from New-York: America is weak, Mr. Washington could not have opposed Cornwallis without the French / Thanksgiving proclamation in Holland / Commons debates / Cornwallis avoided the House of Lords / French fortify Yorktown and may control the tobacco and rice trade / General Clinton expects an attack on New-York in the spring / More debates / Mutiny and murder thwarted / Article by "Creditor" concerning the Credit Act of 1772 / Article signed by Scoto Britannus on distilling / Ads: Theater, concert, shipping, with illustrated ads on pages one and four.

July 24 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Long letter [pages 1 and 4] from George Washington on the future well-being of the United States, among which are: An indissoluble union, a sacred regard for justice, the adoption of a proper peace establishment, and a disposition among the citizens to forget local prejudices / Ads / The newspaper is framed so that pages 2 and 3 are covered up.

Dec. 25 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Observations by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences / Long account of London executions / Activities of the Irish House of Lords / Church robbed in Rome / Turks prepare for war / Danzig bombarded / France is silent on the Count De Grasse trial / 6000 Paris children die of smallpox in three months / Reforms are proposed in Ireland / There are 1523 Masonic lodges in the world [187 in America], with a total of 45,680 Masons / Unusual trial underway / Youth escapes from a collapse of a well / Paris bank fails because of granting large American loans / Ministry may revoke act forbidding West Indies trade with America / Ads / Despair of politics / Celebrations as Washington arrives in Philadelphia / Virginia Legislature is asked to relinquish claims to land west of the Allegheny / Crew saved from shipwreck / Strange man near Providence / A fact: James Rivington [The hated Tory printer] will be allowed to reside in the country for reasons best known to the great men at the helm" / "Shaking Quakers" worship naked / The Church of England is growing in Nova Scotia / Woman hangs herself / Anecdote: Father fools daughters for their affection / Severe punishments for horse-stealing / French merchant distressed by peace.



July 4 Pennsylvania Packet
Philadelphia parade celebrating the ratification of theConstitution / More on the Ordnance of 1787 / USS Alliance in China, news was sent on December 1787 / Long essay predicting the success of United States commerce / Cornwallis arrives in India amid trouble "There is the devil to pay in Delhi" / King of France's Swiss Guards make the French Parliament prisoners / Presentments of the Charleston, South Carolina Grand Jury: Complaints about the great number of convicts coming into Charleston from the British Dominions - enforce the law prohibiting horses galloping through the streets - recommend punishing Negroes near the place of confinement - Negroes with yaws or leprosy should not be allowed to walk about the city - City is not kept clean even though taxes are collected for that purpose - Landlords are illegally selling Negroes and horse that stray into their territory / A Spaniard is punished for assault / Thomas Matthews is elected Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates / Virginian escapes from Indians with the help of French traders / Poem "The Curse of Avarice " / "On Men of Parts". .



June 8 Maryland Journal
Illustrated ads: Ship, bee-hive, sickle and scythe / Riots in Belgium / The improvements in the mechanic arts in America / New-York-Canadian trade / Spain holds an American ship / Rhode Island adopts the Federal Constitution / Thomas Bland, Virginia Representative, dies / Providence meeting against ratification / Debate on moving the Congress to Philadelphia / the motion to move to Philadelphia is passed - discussion about locating Congress on the Potomac / President Washington signs bill encourages education / Washington informs Congress that Rhode Island has ratified the Constitution / The official letter from Rhode Island / Poem "An Ode to Peace of Mind" by Cowper.




65 American Newspapers 1783 - 1789 


May 22 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Reaction to Peace / London predicts a monarchy for America / France impressed by the American Revolution and admires Paine's "Common Sense"

June 18 New-Jersey Gazette
Belinda's Slave Petition / French at war with England in the East Indies / Spain recognizes America / Marie Antoinette gives 12,000 livres to the widows and children of seamen who died in the late war

July 17 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
American Army wants to be paid / Franklin presents a medal to the French King / War cost England 330 millions sterling / Tories get compensation from Parliament

July 24 Independent Chronicle (Boston)
Mutiny of American Troops in Philadelphia / The British may not leave New-York until the fall / Article on the need for a National Congress so that the States do not try to run the country

Sept. 25 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
The Problems of Peace / $10,000 pound tailor's bill / A medal struck for the 100,000 victims of the Sicily earthquake / British units in New-York are getting ready to go to Nova Scotia

Oct. 2 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Peace problems / Troop evacuation from New-York to cost half a million / France refuses to sell Corsica to Russia / Fire destroys lighthouse on Nantucket

Nov. 6 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
A Preview of Washington City? / King of Prussia celebrates his 50th wedding anniversary / New volcanic island appears near Iceland / Man and woman convicted of lascivious cohabitation and sentenced to be publicly whipped and the man to stand in the pillory

Nov. 20 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Washington's Farewell to Troops / Epitaph to the man who condemned Charles I to death / Confusion and anarchy in Ireland



Oct. 21 Independent Chronicle (Boston)
Lafayette Boston Celebration / British-Dutch peace treaty / Fighting in Algiers

Nov. 11 Independent Chronicle (Boston)
Lafayette / Air Travel / Americans cannot pay for imports / Ghost ship off the Carolina Capes

Nov. 18 Independent Chronicle (Boston)
Blanchard's 3rd Voyage / Spain will not allow American ships in New Orleans

Dec. 2 Independent Chronicle (Boston)
Plague in Europe / French ship runs aground in New-York harbor / Lafayette visits Washington at Mount Vernon

Dec. 16 Independent Chronicle (Boston)
Richard Lee is new President of Congress / Pope selects new ambassador for America / Crisis in Dominica



Apr. 20 Essex Journal
First Flight over the Channel (Newburyport) / Slave insurrection in St. Domingo / Marie Antoinette is pregnant again / "Americans should be better people as money is the root of all evil and we have so little now"

July 25 Pennsylvania Packet
Peale's Exhibition / Prince Leopold of Brunswick is drowned trying to save children caught in a flood / France and England agree to trade / Americans to establish a cloth factory in Lisbon

Aug. 2 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
"Nations will turn to America" / Free-Masons flourish in America / Not enough American money in circulation / Mail may move by stages / Massachusetts Act puts newspapers out of business

Aug. 23 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Anti-Stamp Act Newspaper / Freedom of the Press will be taxed to death / Painted woman pickpocket is ordered to wash her face as punishment / All ads marked with the cost of the tax

Sept. 6 Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette
Britain will pay American Loyalists / Farmer finds a pot of gold and silver, apparently buried during the 1648 rebellion - farmer celebrates excess and dies / Sunday Schools introduced in Ireland / England refuses to repay Americans for Negroes lost in the war



Mar. 4 Pennsylvania Evening Herald
New-Jersey won't pay Congress until all the States do / Pennsylvania Assembly debates / Petition for the poor

Mar. 15 Pennsylvania Evening Herald
Wyoming Disturbances / General Assembly debates / Bon Mot: The King's Evil

Mar. 20 Massachusetts Gazette
Reforms in Europe / Vassalage abolished in Hungary / Russia to allow all religions / German town for sale / Sailmaker turns to be a woman as she gave birth on the job

Apr. 15 Pennsylvania Evening Herald
Algerian Truce / Assembly adjourns after passing 27 laws / Poems

Apr. 17 Massachusetts Gazette
Tuscany restricts clergy to spiritual laws / Hurricane in Philadelphia / The Bastille to be a civil prison

Apr. 28 American Recorder
The Battle of Long Island in 1776 / Algerians capture two Americans ships / British are worried that the French navy is improving

Oct. 7 Pennsylvania Packet
"Rogue Island" / A theory is proposed on earth heat / Baltimore houses should be numbered / Cure for mad dog bite

Oct. 20 American Recorder
The Battle of Monmouth / Irish bride, in love, commits suicide/ Marie Antoinette has a child / Christianity is suppressed in China / Congress wants Britain to restore the forts

Nov. 3 American Recorder
Frederick the Great dies / The Riot Act of Massachusetts / Value of a Jew's eye / Quaker frees his slaves

Nov. 10 American Recorder
The U.S. Mint is established / The King of Prussia is not dead / Pennsylvania minerals / Connecticut conspiracy

Nov. 17 American Recorder
Indians / Female Education / Dane's speech in Legislature

Dec. 22 American Recorder
1778 Fighting in the South / Turks capture Egypt / Discussions about the New-York, Massachusetts border



Jan. 11 The Gazette (Savannah, GA)
Shays Rebellion / Earthquake in Boston / Virginia will stop slave importation / Abner Nash, Representative from NC, dies in Congress

Jan. 26 Massachusetts Gazette
Shay's Rebellion / Earthquake in Ireland / New way of making cast iron / New-Hampshire cannot pay Congress

Apr. 6 Massachusetts Gazette
Life of General Nathaniel Greene / Pennsylvania Assembly to move to Harrisburg from Philadelphia / Congress has reduced salaries / Britain refuses the importation of tobacco in American vessels

Apr. 24 Massachusetts Gazette
German Priests can marry / Congress disbands the army / Congress will move from New-York to Philadelphia / Prince of Wales initiated into Free Masons

Oct. 6 Pennsylvania Packet
The Federal Constitution / France may be at war with Britain / The longitude theory

Oct. 24 Massachusetts Centinel
Federal Constitution / Lord North is now blind / Louis XVI banishes Parliament from Paris



Jan. 23 Pennsylvania Packet
Connecticut ratifies Constitution / Rhode Island may consider the Constitution

Jan. 24 New-Haven Gazette
Connecticut ratifies Constitution / Indian cruelties in Georgia / George Washington recommends ratification / Tory dog is excused

Feb. 6 Massachusetts Centinel
North Carolina ratifies / French minister to the U.S. arrives in New-York

Feb. 14 New-Haven Gazette
* pages 1,2,7,8 only* - Georgia ratifies Constitution / Massachusetts suggests amendments, ratifies the Constitution / Bloody battle between Russians and Turks

Mar. 11 Pennsylvania Packet
Robert Burns poetry / Sunday schools are rapidly growing / Shark taken in Thames river had a gold watch and lace in its stomach

Apr. 12 Pennsylvania Packet
Agriculture tips / Turkey demands money in order to avoid war / Spain may have a famine / "Is the soul immortal?"

Apr. 19 Pennsylvania Packet
More slaves than free men / English law conflicts with India law / English petition to abolish slave trade

Apr. 25 Pennsylvania Packet
New-York Physicians stealing dead bodies / Odd ad: black boy and tiger for sale

May 3 Pennsylvania Packet
Maryland ratifies Constitution / Riots in Holland / Three whales drown

May 13 Pennsylvania Packet
Post Office stops the News / Cossacks raid Turks / University of Cambridge raises money to support the abolition of slavery / Hastings trial

June 12 Independent Gazetteer (Philadelphia)
South Carolina ratifies / All Muslims may aid Turkey in war / Objection to ladies using "bishops" to enhance bosoms / Cotton may supplant wool

June 14 Pennsylvania Packet
Robert Burns, Edward Gibbon / The Spaniards are protecting runaway slaves in St. Augustine

Oct. 20 Weekly Monitor (Litchfield, CT)
American Galley Slave / War breaks out between Russia and Sweden / A wife sells her husband



Jan. 3 Massachusetts Centinel
English Emigrating to America / Proposal to publish a French newspaper in Boston / Turks rout Russians

Jan. 21 Massachusetts Centinel
Electors are appointed / Stranger, being served with a warrant, dies suddenly / Dislike abuse of the Chief Magistrate

Feb. 21 Massachusetts Centinel
A Carrier Address / Articles for and against John Hancock / Prussia enters Poland / George III is insane

Feb. 28 Massachusetts Centinel
President Washington / Price of stocks / Kentucky may secede if Spain gives Mississippi navigation / Vermont sends agents to Congress / The Constitution goes into effect next week

Mar. 25 Massachusetts Centinel
Female Education / "No amendments until the Constitution has been tried" / James Wilson will be Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court

Apr. 18 Massachusetts Centinel
President George Washington / Queen will take care of the ill George III / Spanish king is dead / People of Kentucky are asked to join Spain or England / Kentuckians want to join the Union

Apr. 23 Gazette of the U.S. (Philadelphia)
Vice-President Celebrations / Adams addresses the Senate / New King of Spain proclaimed in Madrid / The address of the Gazette's editor, John Fenno

May 1 Maryland Journal
Duties of Congress / Prussia King ends the free press - Belgium and the Dutch follow suit / Engelhart Cruse wants a lottery to help build his steam engine

June 6 Massachusetts Centinel
America is an Example of Liberty / George III's fortune is three millions / Hastings trial / British-Prussian treaty

June 26 Herald of Freedom (Boston)
Georgia Indians are on the Warpath / No peace in Russia / Freedom is making progress in France / Thomas Jefferson wants to return to America from Paris

July 8 Massachusetts Centinel
Fourth of July Celebrations / House of Representatives establish a Department of War / A demand for Americans to build ships

July 22 Massachusetts Centinel
Reforms in France / The French double the bounty on grain / Hastings trial / Pay scale for president, vice-president, and government

July 25 Massachusetts Centinel
France abolishes Slave Trade / Bill passed allowing the President to remove officers

Aug. 29 Massachusetts Centinel
Britain to abolish slave trade / Negroes in Jamaica carry empty hogheads on their heads / Baby named for Washington

Oct. 3 Massachusetts Centinel
Bill of Rights / Supreme Court appointments / French noblemen, who blew up neighbors, is now in custody

Nov. 19 Independent Chronicle (Boston)
French Rights Declaration / Spain bans French and English newspapers / The French Parliament is to be destroyed / The army is totally disbanded


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