Internship Database

This is a database of more than 200 companies that have hired W&L interns in the past and/or that have recently had active intern programs.

The information on each of these entries is as current as we can make it. However, personnel, positions, phone numbers and email addresses often change and we must update frequently. If you find that any of these entries are incorrect or if you have more recent information, please let us know and we'll change it.

Where applicable, entries include the names of W&L grads who are connected with or once interned at these companies. Alumni are a rich source of information and advice; linking up with them is a great way to start your internship search. Go to Colonnade Connections on the Career Development site to find out current phone numbers and email addresses for alumni.

Using the database:

  • To look up an individual company: Fill in the company name and click on the filter button. Click on the entry that appears for contact, alumni and other information.
  • To look up companies in a specific field: Go to the company type pull-down menu. Choose your field, then click filter.
  • To combine factors: Fill in two or more of the boxes and click filter. For example, if you wanted to look up magazines in New York, click the magazine entry on the company type pull-down menu; click New York on the state pull-down menu; then click filter.

Access the database here!