Cross-Cultural Documentary Filmmaking


Unveiling the Overshadowed

The word “Hispanic” covers many cultures and countries and a surprising number are represented in Lexington and Rockbridge County. The population percentage is small but it has grown significantly in two decades with new residents praising the area’s opportunities, along with its natural beauty and tranquility.

Uncovering Connections

A forgotten part of the Rockbridge area’s past has been hiding in plain sight in Brownsburg. Museum leaders there are working to preserve and study the old slave quarters still standing in that village. But more than that, the descendants of the people who used to live in those small dwellings and the descendants of those who owned human beings in the valley are uncovering the connections of the past.

International Students at VMI

Moving from high school to the regimented life of a military college is always an adjustment, but imagine that transition when English is not your first language. This film profiles two students, each from a different country, but both planning military careers. It's Virginia Military Institute from a decidedly international perspective.

Bodhi: A Lexington Awakening

Even the leader of the local Buddhist community in Rockbridge acknowledges that Bodhi Path is not well known even a few miles from its peaceful, pastoral setting. This film takes you there, into a meditation session and to the place where sacred objects are on display. Along the way, we learn more about the faith and how this branch landed in rural western Virginia.


From South Pacific to South Virginia

Southern Virginia University has been attracting Polynesian students for the past few years. Thanks in part to the university's new football coach, that population-particularly those from the island nation of Tonga-continues to grow.

Generational Roots

This film, subtitled "A Story of the American Dream," explores how that dream manifests itself in the second generation of an immigrant family-one that plays a significant role in the Lexington hospitality industry.

Home Away from Home

Virginia Military Institute attracts students from around the nation-and the world. The documentary focuses on a student from Thailand who shares what it's like to adjust to a rural American culture while learning as much as he can for his career in the Royal Thai Army.

A Long Way from Home

This documentary digs into the ethnic roots of Rockbridge County, which one author described as the most "distinctively Scotch-Irish county in America." The film examines how the county's non-English settlers affected the culture, religion and education of this region.

Thai on Main Street

The owner of NaPa Thai saw an untapped market for fresh East Asian food when she chose to open her restaurant in Lexington two years ago. She faces a challenging labor market while helping her family adapt to a new home.