BV 3: London Chronicle July – December 1771

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July 1771

June 29 History of Voyage to Malouine (Falkland) Islands in 1763

July 2 Christening of the youngest prince by the Archbishop of Canterbury / Speeches of the two newly elected sheriffs in London

July 4 Sermons for Doctors in Divinity

July 6 Present state of trade in Africa / Islands in possession of Russia / Daughter beats mother to death in Dublin

July 9 "Essays and Observations, Physical and Literary" / Man and horse struck by lightning in Galway / Canal cave-in in Scotland

July 11 Knights of the Garter Installation / Regulators in North Carolina / Plague in Constantinople

July 13 "On the Real Effects of the Bite of the Tarantula"

July 16 History of Great Britain / History of the Theatres of London / "The Tobacconist" - a new comedy / Boy kills girl after fight over cattle

July 18 History of Europe and current "belligerent powers" / King of Spain promotes agricultural development / Child in Ireland accidentally sets 20 houses on fire / King of Sweden's speech

July 20 "The Character of Miss Rantipole" / Reader letter on the right of private judgment / Prices of corn

July 23 "The Origin of the Installation" / Reader letter - "Symptoms of public ruin, which are not imaginary" / Knights of the Garter installation

July 25 Front-page reader letter on Subscription / "The Love of Money - A Satire" / Reader letter - "The Voice of the People is the Voice of God" / Stopping the plague in Poland by burning houses / "The Character of the Present Emperor of Germany"

July 27 Reader letter on the use of potatoes in bread / Ceremonies on the installation of royalty / Article on singing and playing with expression

July 30 Edict granting males 30 and above and females 25 and above permission to marry without parental consent


August 1771

Aug. 3 "Travels in America" by Swedish professor / New princess christened in Denmark / Reader letter trying to prove that the Jesuits caused the earthquake in Lisbon in 1755

Aug. 6 Voltaire's "The Pupil of Nature" / "Thoughts on Quacks of All Denominations" by Voltaire

Aug. 8 "An Account of Esquimaux" in North America

Aug. 10 "The Character of a Real Philosopher" / Construction accident in Derby / Bride left at alter attempts suicide in Ipswich

Aug. 13 "Winter Riches" of Agriculture / "The Character of Sir Blake Dedaval"

Aug. 15 Article on ranks in Society / "A Short Character of Charles II"

Aug. 17 "Of the Jurisdiction and Authority of a Father over his Children" / Article on agriculture / "A Short Character of James II"

Aug. 20 "Character of the English Nation" written by French Author / Reader letters / Congress to be held at Temeswaer on the subject of war between the Turks and the Russians

Aug. 22 "Experiments on the Cause of Heat in Living Animals" / Plague in Hungary

Aug. 24 "The Love Epistles of Aritaenetus"

Aug. 27 Poland fearful of the plague / "Supplement to the History of Old Edwards"

Aug. 29 No significant news

Aug. 31 Eel-diggers in Scotland find buried money / "The Man of Pleasure" / Crimea in Russian hands / Earthquakes in Florence


September 1771

Sept. 5 "A Picture of Europe for 1771"

Sept. 7 "On the Use of Wine in Malignant Fevers" / Article on American birds

Sept. 10 120-year-old man dies by swallowing a pin

Sept. 12 "The Doctor Dissected" / New New-York Governor Tryon arrives / Attempts to set Boston on fire

Sept. 14 "Armire and Elvira" / Hot summer in Turin causes distemper in horned cattle / "Anecdotes of Robert Walpole"

Sept. 17 "Remarks on the English Language" / Plague revived in Poland when peasants dig up infected effects of dead

Sept. 19 Account of proceedings at Guildhall

Sept. 21 Writings on the Manna Tree and Tarantula / Remarks on the fire at Portsmouth

Sept. 26 "The Adventures of a Bank Note"

Sept. 28 Journal of a Voyage around the World / Smallpox epidemic in Naples


October 1771

Oct. 3 "Essay upon a Republican Government"

Oct. 8 "Some Account of the Inhabitants of New Zealand"

Oct. 12 New Berlin barracks suddenly collapse, trapping over 100 in the rubble

Oct. 15 Dead crew of the May-flower suffocated by smoke of cooking fire, coroner said

Oct. 17 "An Experimental Enquiry into the Properties of Blood" / "To the Sick and Infirm"

Oct. 19 Princess Dowager of Wales has "cancer in her mouth" / "Lord Mansfield defended against Junius and his Party" / General beheaded and his head given to Sultan / Russians agree to neutrality of the Republic of Ragusa

Oct. 22 Prince William Frederick is born and baptized in Brunswick / Reader opinion on subscription

Oct. 24 Anecdote of Duke of Bedford

Oct. 26 Travels through Louisiana by a French Marine Captain / "Weekly Catalogue of Patriotic Lies"

Oct. 29 "Description of the Religious Customs and Ceremonies of some Nations which inhabit the Banks of the great River Mississippi"

Oct. 31 No significant news


November 1771

Nov. 5 Drunk soldier in Marlborough falls into river and drowns

Nov. 7 Reader letter on female degeneracy

Nov. 9 Poem, "The Candid Inquisitor" / The Archduke of Ferdinand marries Princess Maria Beatrice D'Eft in Milan / Reader opinion on subscription

Nov. 12 No significant news (bad condition)

Nov. 14 "Reflections on Celibacy and Marriage"

Nov. 16 "A Royal Dialogue" from Shakespeare

Nov. 19 "The History of Lady Barton" / Proclamation of the King

Nov. 21 Poem, "The Patriots Guide" / Information on sea scurvy

Nov. 23 Poem, "The Frequent Village" / Polish King attacked by Confederates

Nov. 26 The Works of William Browne / Letter to "the members of the Caput of the University of Cambridge"

Nov. 28 "Reflections on Modern Marriages" / King of Spain issues ordinance against counterfeiters

Nov. 30 Essays from "The Encyclopedy," including "Conjugal Infidelity" / Reader letter on Pomposo


December 1771

Dec. 5 Thoughts on Subscription / Empress of Russia demands 80,000 new recruits / Accounts of the trial of six Jews for robbery in London

Dec. 7 "An Essay upon the Effects of Camphire and Calomel in continual Fevers" / Queen of England pregnant again / Remaining part of Tyne Bridge in Newcastle collapses

Dec. 10 Lady Catheart dies in Petersburgh / "Parliamentary Proceedings in Ireland"

Dec. 12 Article on the East-India Company / Not guilty verdict in Supreme Court murder trial in Philadelphia / Soldier violently shot for desertion in Bristol / Distemper still plagues Moscow

Dec. 14 Dominicans plot to assassinate King of Poland

Dec. 17 "The Phoenix" written by a woman

Dec. 19 Letters by Sir Robert Talbot / "To the Clergy, Graduates, and Others aggrieved by Subscriptions" / Bakers in Bristol petition King to import corn

Dec. 21 King of Denmark puts duty on imported English salt / Beheaded general's head displayed at the gate of the Seraglio with sign: "Thus we punish cowardly Generals"

Dec. 24 Tax Bill passes House of Commons

Dec. 26 "Galfred and Juetta" / Speech of Sir Lucius O'Brien / Reader poem, "An Ode for Christmas-Day"

Dec. 28 "Essay on Epilepsy" / Fire in Constantinople burns almost 100 houses / Mr. Fortescue's response to O'Brien's speech / Lint-mill in Turiff, Scotland burns down - one man dies


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