Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are payments due on my bill statements?
Fall term tuition payment is due August 10 and Winter/Spring term tuition payment is due December 10. Bill statements are emailed around the 15th of each month and payment is due by the 10th of the following month.

2. What if my payment is not received by the due date?
A late fee of 4.5% of unpaid balances at the end of each term, will be assessed twice a year until the account is cleared. Also, a hold may be placed on the student record, which will not allow matriculation or registration for future terms and/or transcripts to be sent.

3.  I'm going to be out of town/country when the payment is due?
A payment can be made online anywhere there is an internet connection using Nelnet Campus Commerce. If internet access is not available and if there is no one to place the payment in the mail for you, we will be glad to hold a post-dated check until the due date. However, we ask that you send the check clearly marked and with a note. Late fees will be added if not paid by the due date.

4.  My son/daughter is a freshman and I sent in a $1,000 deposit. Why is there only a $850 credit posted to the account?
Freshmen make a $1000 deposit to cover two items. One is a tuition deposit of $850 and the other is a housing deposit of $150. The housing deposit less any charges for damages will be credited to the fall term bill in the following academic year or refunded at the end of the senior year.

5. Where do I get more information about Nelnet?

Nelnet FAQs

6.  There is only a portion of the total loans, grants, and scholarships shown in the pending aid detail on Nelnet. Why is it not all there?

Loans, grants, and scholarships are divided into two parts (for each semester) unless specified by the lending agency or giver.

7.  A Non-University loan will cover the balance due but I applied for it after June 15 or have not yet applied for it. How will late fees be applied?
A late fee of 4.5% of unpaid balances at the end of each term, will be assessed twice a year until the account is cleared. Also, a hold may be placed on the student record, which will not allow matriculation or registration for future terms and/or transcripts to be sent.

8.  My son/daughter has received a NON-University scholarship. What happens next?
Outside scholarships should be mailed to the W&L Financial Aid Office. Scholarships are posted to the student's  account when received. Unless specified by the giver, the scholarship will be applied to the student account in two parts - 1/2 to fall term and 1/2 to winter term. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all requirements stipulated by the giver are met (e.g., submitting grade reports) so that scholarship proceeds may be sent to the University and processed in timely fashion. Should the outside scholarship not arrive by the due date and the balance not be paid from other sources, late charges will be applied.

9.  What happens if my account has a credit balance after financial aid is posted?
Law student account credit refunds will be made within 10 business days of the start of classes.  Undergraduate students should request a refund in writing to or in person at the Business Office.  The Business Office recommends students to sign up for direct deposit for receiving refunds.

10.  Does the University have a payment plan?
The University works with Nelnet Campus Commerce to make payment plans available. More information can be found at Nelnet Payment Plans.   Any questions about this plan may be directed to Nelnet Campus Commerce at 1-800-609-8056.

11.  What if my son/daughter withdraws?
Refunds are made in accordance with the policy expressed in the University Catalog. The University does offer tuition insurance through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. This insurance policy will protect the billed party should the student suffer a serious illness or accident and has to leave the University before the term is completed. Payment to DEWAR is due before the student commences classes. More information can be found at or by calling 1-617-380-8770.

12.  What if my payment is returned for non-sufficient funds?
A service charge of $30.00 will be applied to the student account. Also, a hold may be placed on the student record, which will not allow matriculation or registration for future terms and/or transcripts to be sent.

13.  What if I have a question regarding fraternity/sorority charges?
All parents/guardians of fraternity/sorority members should receive a letter from the organization's treasurer explaining the charges prior to each term's billing. If you did not receive a letter or have additional questions, please contact the Business Office at or 540-458-8730.

14.  How does my student sign up for a meal plan?
Please view the Dining Services Meal Plan page for information.

15.  My son/daughter is on a meal plan. Why is the winter term charge greater than the fall term?
The amount billed on the winter/spring term bill includes spring term.

16.  What kind of charges, besides the normal tuition and fees, can I expect?
Please see the Tuition & Fees page for more information.

17.  What Is The Student Health Services Fee?
The student health services fee is to help maintain student services at their current level.

18.  What Is The Calyx Fee?
The Calyx is W&L's undergraduate yearbook. The book is distributed to returning students during matriculation, and is mailed to graduating seniors. The mandatory 'Calyx fee' covers the cost of the production and printing of the yearbook. If you have further questions about this charge, please contact the editor of the Calyx via email at

19.  What address do I use for express mail?

Washington and Lee University
Business Office
2 South Main Street
Lexington, VA 24450-2116

20.  Where can my son/daughter cash a check?
There is no facility on the W&L campus to cash checks. However, an ATM is located in the John W. Elrod University Commons in the area of the Cafe Emporium. Also, there are several banks within easy walking distance of the main campus. A listing of all area banks can be found by clicking here at Lexington Bank Information.

21.  Where can my student add general and/or food debit to their University Card?
Money can be added to the general and/or food debit in Marketplace, Brief Stop, online at eCard, or  the Business Office.

22.  My son/daughter is an employee on campus where can they pick up their pay check?
Paychecks can be picked up in the Business Office, we encourage all student employees to sign up for direct deposit in Workday.  This makes it easier on the students and the money is readily available to them in their bank account.

23.  Can I pay my bill by wiring the money from my bank?

Yes, payment can be made by wiring the funds to the University.  We accept wires from the United States and from Foreign Banks.

Please contact the Business Office either by phone (540)458-8730 or by email to  You will be asked to provide your name along with the name, ID#, and home address of your student.