Science, Society, and the Arts March 2023

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Friday, March 17 - Saturday March 18 2023

Science, Society, and the Arts (SSA) is a multi-disciplinary conference for undergraduate and law students to present, create, and engage with original works from our community. SSA showcases student academic projects and performing and visual arts. SSA also provides a forum for small group colloquia discussions about books, films, albums, and more. A keynote speaker is a highlight of the day and a half event.   

Colloquium Sessions

Colloquium sessions offer an opportunity to discuss a book, law case studies or class notes, short story, poem, film, television series, album, podcast, original work, or a topic of interest to our community in a small group setting.


Frequently Asked Questions about SSA (Science, Society, and the Arts)

SSA 2021

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