Science, Society, and the Arts March 2021

Finding connection in a socially distanced world.

Science, Society, and the Arts (SSA) is a multi-disciplinary conference for undergraduate and law students to present, create, and engage with original works from our community. SSA showcases student academic projects, scientific pursuits, and the performing and visual arts. SSA also provides a forum for small group colloquia discussions about books, films, albums, and other topics of interest to our community.

The format for our event this year will be 99% virtual, with both live and pre-recorded sessions available during the week of March 8th, 2021.

Information about EXP Waiver Opportunity at SSA 2021

Students will be granted an EXP waiver for qualifying work undertaken in recent courses that is submitted to and presented at SSA 2021. The EXP waiver will be equal to the credits associated with the course in which the work was developed. Please note, this does not grant students additional credit on their transcript nor does it reduce the graduation requirement of 120 total credits. In order to receive consideration for an EXP waiver, the following must apply: 

  1. The work must have been a substantial (think term project), graded component of a credit-bearing course at W&L that does not already have the EXP designation.
  2. The work must be verified by the syllabus and professor who taught the course.
  3. The work must be presented in an SSA research paper or poster session, as a visual arts exhibit, or as a performing arts event at SSA. Colloquia, Sandbox, and Collaboratory SSA submissions are not eligible for EXP waivers.

Colloquia sessions offer an opportunity to discuss a book, short story, poem, film, television series, album, podcast, original work, or a topic of interest to our community in a small group setting.

Research Paper, Poster, and Other Academic Projects

Research paper, poster, and other academic projects sessions offer an opportunity to share and get feedback on academic research or other creative writing/digital storytelling/DCI projects. Sessions will be organized by themes to create interesting multi-disciplinary groupings.


Sandbox, a new element of SSA in 2021, offers an opportunity to share your hidden talents, favorite hobbies, and useful life hacks with our community. Show us how to make an omelet, share tips for using Photoshop, or lead some friends through a yoga session. Have fun with it!

Visual Arts

Visual arts sessions offer an opportunity for students to showcase original works of art in a variety of mediums. Students are encouraged to upload video or written descriptions of their artwork and its significance. Interested students can also join one of our virtual “artist’s talks” sessions.

Performing Arts

Performing arts sessions offer an opportunity for students to showcase live or pre-recorded sessions of music, theater, dance, and other forms of performance art. Make your own “tiny desk concert” or bring together a group to do an online reading of your favorite play.


A new element of SSA in 2021, collaboratory offers spaces to create and build together. Crowdsource an original story line by line. Design a virtual mural. Fill out a virtual coloring page with your friends. Lean into your creative instincts!

SSA 2019

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