Key Resources on Campus

ResourceDescriptionConfidentialityLearn More
Student Health Center Can treat any injuries, screen for and treat sexually transmitted infections (STIs), provide emergency contraception, give information and referrals for evidence collection, facilitate transportation to evidence collection, and provide a safe place to stay. Confidential Learn more
University Counseling Trained professionals can provide confidential counseling, information, and support. Confidential Learn more
Public Safety (24/7/365) Call 540-458-8999 when you need an immediate response, security escorts, or assistance with law enforcement. Private, not confidential* Learn more
Title IX Office Supportive and remedial measures (academic, housing, no contact directives, etc), and guidance about the complaint, investigation and adjudication process. Private, not confidential* Learn more

*Information will be kept private and only shared with others to the extent that they require such information to perform their university responsibilities and/or resolve the report pursuant to FERPA and applicable federal and state laws. In contrast, a confidential resource will not share information without express permission.

Key Resources in the Community

Project Horizon: 540-463-2594

24-hour emergency service to all women and men in Rockbridge County. Provides counseling, advocacy, and resources for victims of dating, domestic or sexual violence.