Individuals Associated with Title IX Office

Title IX Coordinator

The University's Title IX Coordinator is Lauren Kozak.

Office Location: 237 Elrod Commons; Phone: 540-458-4055; Email:  

The Title IX Coordinator receives reports of sexual misconduct and oversees the University's review, investigation, and resolution of those reports to ensure the University's compliance with Title IX and other applicable laws, and the effective implementation of this policy.

Assistant Title IX Coordinator

The University's Assistant Title IX Coordinator is Jodi Williams.

Office Location: 2 South Main 109; Phone: (540) 458-8318; Email:

The Assistant Coordinator is responsible for Title IX compliance for matters involving faculty and staff, including training, education, communication, and administration of the grievance procedure for all complaints against faculty and staff, including those complaints filed by students. 

Mandatory Reporters

The following employees are mandatory reporters and are required to share information related to reports of sexual misconduct with the Title IX Coordinator (note: the employees noted with an asterisk are considered "authorized employees" as they have the authority to institute corrective measures regarding complaints of sexual misconduct and a report to one of those individuals constitutes actual notice to the University of a report of sexual misconduct):

  • Title IX Coordinator and Assistant Title IX Coordinator(s)*
  • Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students*
  • Assistant Dean of Law Student Affairs, Community and Belonging*
  • Provost*
  • Associate Provost*
  • Dean of the School of Law*
  • Associate Dean of the School of Law*
  • Dean of the College*
  • Associate Deans of the College*
  • Dean of the Williams School*
  • Associate Dean of the Williams School*
  • Vice President for Finance/Treasurer*
  • Director of Athletes*
  • Director of Public Safety*
  • Assistant/Associate Director of Public Safety*
  • Associate and Assistant Athletic Directors
  • Athletic Team Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Athletic Trainers
  • Directors of Legal Clinics
  • Officers of Public Safety
  • Faculty and staff accompanying students on off-campus, university-related trips
  • Undergraduate Faculty Department and Program Chairs
  • Law School Director of Academic Success
  • Resident Advisers and Community Assistants
  • Assistant and Associate Deans of Students
  • Associate Director of International Education
  • Director of Student Activities
  • Director of Outdoor Education and Recreation
  • Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Student Engagement
  • Assistant Dean, Office of Career Strategy, Law School
  • Dean for Career and Professional Development
  • Director of Leadership Development and Student Engagement
  • Shepherd Program - Associate Director and Assistant Directors
  • Chief Technology Officer

Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board  

The Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board (HSMB) is the body that determines responsibility and, if warranted, administers sanctions against any respondent for complaints of Title IX sexual harassment and complaints of non-Title IX sexual misconduct made against students. The HSMB is made up of individuals that may serve in the role of Chair of a HSMB hearing panel and/or Appeal Panel and administrators and faculty who may serve as members of a HSMB hearing panel or Appeal Panel. All members of the HSMB are specially trained to adjudicate cases of sexual misconduct.

HSMB  Investigators

HSMB investigators are the administrators that will investigate a formal complaint of allegations potentially constituting Title IX sexual harassment or non-Title IX sexual misconduct against a student. All investigators are specially trained to adjudicate cases of sexual misconduct.

Investigation and Review Officers

Investigation and Review Officers (IROs) are individuals who are specially trained to investigate and review complaints of non-Title IX sexual misconduct against employees and other non-students. When a formal complaint of non-Title IX sexual misconduct is filed against a member of the faculty, staff, or other non-student under this policy, the relevant Co-Chair selects the investigator(s), an Investigation and Review Panel ("IRP"), and (if needed) an Appeal Panel from the pool of the available IROs. W&L may also use an external consultant/vendor to review, investigate, and (if necessary) handle an appeal or handle any other part of its process.

Discrimination Policy Advisors (DPAs)

DPAs are University faculty or staff members who have been trained to serve as advisors for complainants and respondents during the formal complaint process.

Student Advisory Group

The role of the Student Advisory Group is to aid the Title IX Coordinator and HSMB in understanding issues of student social dynamics. It will assist in training the HSMB and Appeal Panel by advising on student social dynamics and by advising the Title IX Coordinator on issues related to sexual misconduct, including policy training and campus climate. The Student Advisory Group will also review the Sexual Discrimination and Misconduct Policy and will have an opportunity to recommend changes.

The Student Advisory Group is made up of undergraduate and law students who are appointed by the Executive Committee. In appointing the members of the Student Advisory Group, the Executive Committee will make every effort to create diverse representation.

Sexual Misconduct Advocate

The Sexual Misconduct Advocate is Dr. Janet Boller. The advocate assists through the process of working through feelings, identifying needs, and making decisions. The advocate assists students with navigating campus resources and University formal resolution options.

To connect with the confidential advocate, Janet Boller, call 540-458-8288 or email