Student Health Center


The Student Health Center provides medical evaluation and care of student health concerns, both in an outpatient office setting, and an infirmary setting for around-the-clock care when needed. We strive to provide comprehensive primary medical care to W&L students, including evaluation and treatment of illness or injury, as well as preventive health services. Nursing assessment and care is available 24/7 and Physician/Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner appointments are available weekdays by calling 540-458-8401.

The Student Health Center Infirmary has seven beds available for overnight care (when undergraduate classes are in session) for students who are ill enough to need care in a monitored setting, but who are not so ill as to need hospital care. Emergency medical situations beyond the scope of care at the Student Health Center should be evaluated and treated at Carilion Rockbridge Community Hospital, located just one mile from campus. A physician is on duty in the Emergency Department at CRCH at all times.


The Student Health Center is located at 200 Generals Lane. The Center is down the steps behind and between Leyburn Library and the Science Addition building. Visitors can also take the elevators in the Library down to floor 4 and exit the back door. Limited parking is available.

The upper level of the Student Health Center is open Monday-Friday from 8 AM-5 PM. The upper-level entrance is on the Library side. The lower level of the Student Health Center is open Monday-Friday from 5 PM-8 AM and 24 hours a day on weekends. The lower level entrance is on the Science Addition side, where patient unloading occurs.


A registered nurse is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Student Health Center when undergraduate and law classes are in session. The nurse on duty takes a meal break from 12-1 PM and 6-7 PM each day, but remains on site for urgent health needs. The Health Center is closed during Thanksgiving and Winter breaks but available daily 9 AM-5 PM during Washington Holiday and Spring Break. A University Physician/Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner and a Counselor are available on call to the nurse on duty when the Student Health Center is open.

The Student Health Center does not provide clinical services to students during the summer or holiday periods when neither undergraduate or law classes are in session. Limited administrative services are available during those periods of time. Phone messages, e-mails, and faxes will be checked periodically when the Student Health Center is closed.


Physician/Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner appointment hours are available daily Monday-Friday during undergraduate and law terms. To make an appointment, call the Student Health Center at (540) 458-8401 or stop by to schedule with the administrative assistant or to see the nurse.

If you have need of emergency medical assistance when the Student Health Center is closed, please call 911, go to the Carilion Rockbridge Community Hospital Emergency Room located at One Health Circle in Lexington, or call the hospital switchboard at 540-458-3300.

Preventing the Spread of Illnesses

Washington and Lee's close-knit, residential campus is an important part of the W&L experience, but occasionally that can lead to outbreaks of infectious illnesses such as flu, COVID, or other viral infections. If you become ill, we ask that you do your best to help avoid getting those around you sick.

You can help limit the spread of illness by:

Washing hands frequently
Limiting exposure to others
Avoiding common areas
Wearing a mask

You are most contagious when you are actively symptomatic; however, some people can shed viruses for some time after their symptoms resolve. Thus, it is very important to continue to practice good hand hygiene.

If you are a student and feeling sick, please communicate with your professors and extracurricular activity leaders and call the Student Health Center at 540-458-8401 for an appointment, if needed. Employees who are ill should contact their supervisor to discuss absences or work from home alternatives.

The situation with COVID continues to evolve. Recent circulating variants of the virus are fairly transmissible but result in less serious illness. It is anticipated that this virus will continue to circulate in some form for the foreseeable future.

The university consults with medical professionals, watches state and local trends, and considers previous campus experience at W&L and elsewhere when making decisions about campus policy.

As in the past, these guidelines are subject to revision based on current circumstances in our community and the state. We encourage students and employees to assume responsibility for their own health, and we appreciate your efforts and support of our shared responsibility to preventing the spread of infectious illnesses.

The CDC and Virginia Department of health have recommendations on their websites for COVID infections and other respiratory illnesses, and students and employees may wish to refer to those guidelines.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Student Health Center (

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