Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

The Program is designed to help students gain a critical understanding of Latin America, the Carribbean and its people thoughout the Americas.

The LACS curriculum includes over 70 courses from disciplines both in the College and Williams School, including Anthropology, Art, Business, Economics, English, French, History, Politics Portuguese, Sociology, and Spanish. The interdisciplinary Program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) allows students to explore the region's histories, cultural practices, socioeconomic structures, and politics, with particular attention to the incremental transformations shaped by the encounter of Indigenous, African, Asian, and European peoples, and subsequent waves of migration from and to the region.

Students who complete the Minor can gain the background necessary for careers in journalism, law, teaching, bilingual education, social work, business, government and international organizations, as well as graduate work in Latin American Studies and related disciplines. Recent graduates have pursued careers in medicine, law, specialized non-profit organizations, business, science research, and urban planning, among others.


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Our Students: Summer Abroad


EXP credit for a 6-week experience at Holy Trinity College in Mar de Plata, Argentina. Students work as teacher’s assistants in various fields.

LACS Fieldwork

LACS offers a variety of engaged learning opportunities for EXP credit that allow students to interact with the issues and people that define the Americas.  For more information see the Summer Opportunities page.