Opportunities for Students

Summer Opportunities in Latin America

LACS facilitates summer experiences for students in Latin America, including internship opportunities in Mar de Plata, Argentina and Nicoya, Costa Rica.

Study Abroad

Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of opportunities that will offer first-hand knowledge of the target culture(s) through formal study abroad, internships, or individual research.


The mission of the English for Speakers of Other Languages Program is to facilitate communication within the increasingly diverse population in Rockbridge County. Although ESOL has focused on the Latina/o community, the program works with speakers of all languages. We offer formal ESOL classes and one-on-one tutoring arrangements, Spanish classes for adults, free translation of documents and a hotline to provide immediate interpreting services.

Casa Hispanica

W&L's only language oriented housing, Casa Hispánica seeks to establish a social and academic environment in which students promote communication in Spanish and enhanced knowledge of the numerous and different Hispanic cultures.