East Asian Studies Program

East Asian Studies is a closely coordinated, interdepartmental program representing seven departments and eight disciplines. It offers some fifty courses, ranging from art to economics, culminating in a minor that may be focused upon either China or Japan.  Interested students are encouraged to study abroad in East Asia.



Events and Deadlines


The 70th Japan America Student Conference comes to Lexington this August!

This prestigious conference is a student-led cultural exchange program with an academic focus, consisting of over 60 students from both Japan and America. Join our department and the W&L community at the 2018 JASC, Lexington Site Final Forum regarding diplomacy, peace, and conflict resolution.

  • August 15th - Small Business Forum, 1:30 pm, Stackhouse Theater
  • August 16th - Conflict Resolution Forum, 11:00 am, Stackhouse Theater