Course Scheduling and Classrooms

 Course Scheduling Guidelines

These guidelines are in place to ensure the best use of our facilities and to help our students have a maximum of class choices.

If a department has a compelling reason for offering a class outside of these times, approval must be obtained from Deans LaRiviere or Beanland in The College and Dean Oliver in the Williams School.

25Live Events Scheduling

25Live is the W&L room-reservation and events-management system at Classroom characteristics, use, and availability are available using this resource. Additional information about 25Live and help videos are posted at 

Instructions and policies for 25Live classroom scheduling are found at the website on classroom styles for different teaching pedagogies.

Faculty request classroom needs through their department head or administrative assistant when course sections are being built for an upcoming term. Ad hoc requests for classroom use are made through 25Live (e.g., make-up classes, film screening, department meetings, guest speakers, study sessions).  Please note: The use of classroom spaces during academic days and times are approved by the University Registrar's office, the Williams School, or the Director of Law Records, as appropriate, and only after a term's initial drop-add period has passed.  Spaces cannot be reserved for university classrooms until after drop-add because the first week of a new term results in a fair amount of classroom "shuffling" and classes take priority over other activities. Requests cannot be held for future approval, so please submit your request after drop-add through 25Live.

A flowchart explaining when classrooms are approved in 25Live for other uses, based on the time of the term and when the request arrives, is at