Classroom Styles and Teaching Pedagogies

The following lists and pictures represent examples of undergraduate teaching spaces on campus that incorporate different teaching pedagogy styles. Faculty who prefer a specific type of classroom, should request this through their department head as course offerings are being built for an upcoming term. The University Registrar's office and 25Live Course Scheduling software attempt to place faculty into requested classroom styles.

These are not mutually exclusive categories. A classroom could have more than one style assigned. If a teaching pedagogy doesn't require a particular classroom style, then submitting a preference is not necessary.

Breakout style (BRK) classrooms

Seating in rows but with moveable chairs and/or tables for the occasional need of break-outs. These rooms may also be coded as traditional lecture.

Active Learning Style (ALS) classrooms

High-tech rooms with moveable furniture for breaking out around technology. These include the Versatile Learning Spaces in addition to other active learning spaces.

Technology Codes

Technology or specific features may be requested by faculty when submitting a new terms course offering, including:

  • SKYP - Skype Conferencing
  • APTV - Apple TV (wireless)
  • MERS - Mersive Solstice (wireless)
  • DOCC - document camera
  • LECC - lecture capture
  • SMBD - smart board (only available in Reid 215)
  • FILM - a film-friendly room (better screen, lighting, seats)
  • CHBD - chalk board (all spaces have a writing board, but choose this if chalk boards are required)
  • WHBD - white board (all spaces have a writing board, but choose this if white boards are required)
  • BLK - black-out window treatments
  • PNO - piano in the room
  • CGL - requesting a room in the CGL because it's a global content course (not for FDR-level language classes during initial scheduling)