Exam Procedure and Classrooms

Exam Procedures by Term

Final examinations are given in classrooms designated by departments as outlined below. Any faculty wishing to offer a final exam in a classroom outside of their department's assigned room(s), must contact, well in advance, the department listed below to schedule the exception. Please note the specific requirements concerning science classrooms at the bottom of this page.

If special physical arrangements require the entire class to be present at the same time, an instructor may request that the University Registrar, at least one month in advance of the beginning of the examination period, to schedule an examination for a specific period. The University Registrar may suggest a change if scheduled examinations cause any students a conflict in the exam schedule.

To reserve a classroom space during exam week, please follow these steps:

  1. If your academic department has assigned exam classrooms (see below) then schedule into one of those and use appropriate signage to indicate the special use. Coordinate with another department if a space is shared.
  2. Check the availability for spaces not listed below and schedule through 25Live at go.wlu.edu/schedule  (e.g., Early-Fielding 109 or 114, Elrod Commons 345, Hillel rooms, Mason Taylor New room).

Classrooms for Final Examinations

(classroom use in priority order)

  • Accounting: Huntley Hall
  • Arabic: Ruscio Center for Global Learning
  • Art and Art History: Wilson Hall 2017, 2018
  • Biology: Parmly 307, Howe 406
  • Business Administration: Huntley Hall
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry: Science Addition 214, 114
  • Classics: Tucker Hall
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Science: Science Addition G14, G16
  • Computer Science: Parmly 413, 405
  • Disability Resources: Mattingly 101, Washington 115
  • Earth and Environmental Geoscience: Science Addition G22, G23, 118, 122, 218, 228
  • East Asian Languages and Literatures: Ruscio Center for Global Learning
  • East European and Russian Studies: Ruscio Center for Global Learning
  • Economics: Huntley Hall
  • Education Studies: Newcomb Hall
  • English: Payne Hall
  • German: Ruscio Center for Global Learning
  • History: Newcomb Hall
  • Journalism and Mass Communications: Reid Hall
  • Mathematics: Chavis Hall
  • Music: Wilson Hall 2010, 2020
  • Philosophy: Chavis Hall, Washington 115 (as back-up, unless scheduled for special accommodations)
  • Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation: Early-Fielding 200, 205
  • Physics and Engineering: Science Addition 102, Howe Hall
  • Politics: Huntley Hall
  • Religion: Tucker Hall
  • Romance Languages: Tucker Hall
  • Sociology and Anthropology: Newcomb Hall
  • Theater, Dance, and Film Studies: Lenfest Center

created 1978; last revised February 2, 2023

Science Classrooms for Final Examinations

(in priority order)

  • Biology has exclusive use of Parmly 307, 315 and their Howe Hall labs.
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry has exclusive use of Science Addition 214, and may use 114.
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Science has exclusive use of Science Addition G14 and G16.
  • Computer Science has exclusive use of Parmly 413, 405, 407.
  • Earth and Environmental Geoscience has exclusive use of Science Addition G22, G23, 118, 122, 218, 228.
  • Physics and Engineering has exclusive use of Science Addition 102 and their Howe Hall labs.

If you need to ensure no other use for a particular time, please communicate with the department you share a room with and post a sign or two outside that room for that time period.

original policy October 4, 2001, last revised February 2, 2023.