University Counseling

Welcome to W&L's University Counseling Center!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help promote and maintain the emotional well-being of W&L students and provide resources that will promote mental health and wellness.

Vision Statement

Proactive health and well-being starts with mindful awareness of the self, and self-care is how we act on that awareness. In the spirit of making self-care a lifelong habit, we encourage daily spending time with family and friends, recharging, moving the body, consuming food and drink in moderation, savoring one's surroundings, mindfully attending to what gives one life, and attending to one's personal growth and development. When professional care is also needed, we are here to help. University Counseling operates out of a brief therapy/individualized care model that allows the most students to access our services, which range from less intensive to more intensive, depending upon need.

Scheduling An Appointment:

Appointments here at the Counseling Center are free, confidential, and unlimited. Our services are included in your tuition, so you are welcome to use our services throughout your college career.  

To schedule an appointment, simply call our office at 540-458-8590 or stop by during normal business hours. We are unable to schedule/reschedule via email. 

For Urgent Appointments (stop by for same-day or call to reserve):

Same-Day Urgent/Crisis Appointments are available M-F during the academic school year between 3:30PM-4:30PM for students who may be at an elevated mental health risk, including, but not limited to, those types of issues listed below:

  • Current or recent thoughts of harm to self or others
  • Concerned about the safety of another person
  • Experienced a recent trauma
  • Experiencing hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking and/or behavior
  • Have been unable to sleep for two or more days, along with a decreased need for sleep


All information gathered at the Counseling Center remains confidential. Your information will not be shared unless you have signed a ROI (release of information) granting specific permission, or in the event of an emergency/life-threatening situation, and/or if we are required by law to do so. 

Please visit the Student Health and Counseling Records and Patient Privacy page for more information.

For Providers Requesting Records:

Please send a signed ROI (release of information) to our fax number: 540-458-8989.