Housing FAQ

Do I need renter's insurance?

How do I get my BED LOFTED or UNLOFTED?

I would like to hang CURTAINS in my room. What are the DIMENSIONS of each Residence Hall's WINDOWS?


I noticed that the RESIDENCE HALLS are CLOSED during Winter Break; where do WINTER ATHLETES STAY during this time?

Can I PAINT my residence hall room?

Can I use NAILS/SCREWS to hang items in my room?

Where do I go to do my LAUNDRY?

May I bring my own MICROWAVE?

May I bring my own REFRIGERATOR?

May I have GUESTS STAY with me in my room?

May I have a PET live with me in the residence halls?


What will my ROOM LOOK LIKE?

What are the dimensions of the EXTRA LONG TWIN BED?

Do I need renter's insurance?

It is recommended that students obtain renter's insurance. The University assumes no liability for personal property lost through theft, fire or water damage, or other acts of God. All students are strongly encouraged to secure renters insurance while living in on-campus housing. Contact a local insurance agency to get a quote and begin a rental insurance policy. These are usually inexpensive and protect your property against damages which the University does not. More information can be found here.

How do I get my bed lofted or unlofted?

You have a choice between keeping your bed on the ground (adjustable with max height 30 3/4"), lofting it (to fit the desk underneath), or bunking it with your roommate's bed (beds stacked). 

You will receive an email over the summer to request your bed to be lofted. 

The first bed configuration setup change will be made at no charge. However, if multiple changes are requested for the same bed, there will be a charge to your student account ($50 per subsequent change). 

There are a limited number of lofting kits and you may not request one prior to your move-in day. Lofting kits must be installed and/or removed by University staff.  You may not use your own lofting kit.  Requests are met on a first-come, first-served basis. All residents may have a bed rail upon request.

The beds in Graham-Lees and Gaines are adjustable - up to 30 3/4". If you want to keep your bed on the ground but would like more storage space, you can purchase and use bed lifts (aka bed risers). They are widely available at most home stores. 

I would like to hang curtains in my room. What are the dimensions of each residence hall's windows?

Most of the windows in First-Year residence halls measure 48″ wide by 64″ high. We suggest using tension rods to hang curtains. They're widely available at home stores.  Nails/screws are NOT permitted.

Can I switch rooms?

Students may not change rooms without prior approval from Residence Life. The policy of the Office of Residential Life is that students need to live in their original room assignment for at least three weeks from the start of classes. Any room change requests must be discussed with your RA first. Please review the New Student Guidebook for more information on the room change process. Room change requests will be considered in the order received with priority given to students in triple rooms wishing to move to double or single rooms will get priority as hall occupancy permits. Students assigned to triples may be moved to lower occupancy rooms prior to move-in and will be notified if this takes place.

I noticed that the residence halls are closed for Winter Break; where do winter athletes stay during this time?

Winter athletes whose coaches require the team to be on campus are given special permission to remain in the residence halls. The coaches each send a list to residential life, and we supply public safety with the list of approved winter break residents.

Can I paint my residence hall room?


Can I use nails/screws to hang items in my room?

No.  You will be charged for the repainting of entire walls at check-out for any paint chips or other damages caused by the use of nails, adhesive strips, or tape.

Where do I go to do my laundry?

Laundry rooms are available on campus.  Alternatively, many students order laundry service through the University Cleaners and have their laundry picked up and delivered on a weekly basis.  Click Here for more information about laundry services.

May I bring my own microwave?

No; Microwaves are prohibited in residence hall rooms unless part of a MicroFridge unit.  Washington and Lee has partnered with The Melvin Corporation on a MicroFridge Rental Program. Proceeds support Residential Life programming.

May I bring my own refrigerator?

Students may bring their own small refrigerator as long as it follows the same or smaller specifications as the Microfridge unit. Specifications for the MicroFridge unit are available on The Melvin Corporation website.

May I have guests stay with me in my room?

Guests are permitted to stay in University housing no longer than three consecutive nights without permission of a Residence Life staff member. Please see the Housing Agreement for more information.

May I have a pet live with me in the residence halls?

No. Students living on campus are not allowed to have pets in the residence halls.  Service Animals are allowed as an accommodation for individuals with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disability Act and University policy.  Emotional assistance animals are allowed in housing if approved in advance as an accommodation for a documented disability in accordance with the Fair Housing Act, Virginia Fair Housing Law, and University policy and protocol.

When are the residence halls open?

See Important Dates.

What will my room look like?

Room photos, as well as floor plans, are available on the Residence Life website.

What are the dimensions of the extra-long twin bed?

80" x 39"

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