Housing Agreement and Selection

Housing Agreement (2023-2024)

Washington and Lee University

Office of Residence Life

This is a legally binding housing agreement ("Agreement") between Washington and Lee University ("University"), acting through the Office of Residence Life ("Residence Life"), and each enrolled and enrolling undergraduate student ("Student"). In consideration of payments made, the Student is entitled to occupy a University room and to utilize the services provided by Residence Life, subject to the terms set forth in this Agreement. This Agreement, when appropriately signed and submitted, becomes effective upon its acceptance by Residence Life and is binding for the full academic year. All Students are required to comply with the policies, guidelines, and expectations outlined in the University Student Handbook. The following terms and conditions apply to each Student living in University housing:

1. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: First-Year rooms are assigned during the summer. Upper Division rooms are assigned after a room lottery process. Room assignments are final. However, the Director of Residence Life reserves the right to make adjustments in room assignments when deemed necessary.

2. ANNUAL ROOM RATES: THIS AGREEMENT IS FOR THE ENTIRE 2023-2024 ACADEMIC YEAR. The annual room rate for the 2023-2024 academic year is:

Single/Double/Triple: $9,230

The annual room rate is payable in two equal installments, as billed in advance by the University. A Student studying abroad will only be charged for University housing during the term they reside on campus. No separate room fee is charged for spring term for those students who have paid the Comprehensive Tuition and room fees in either the fall or winter term, in full. However, a Student returning for spring term enrollment who has not paid the Comprehensive Tuition and room fees for either the fall or winter term will be billed a prorated amount for housing. There is no refund for study abroad spring term.

3. FURNITURE, AMENITIES, AND CERTAIN PROHIBITED ITEMS: Each Student, regardless of the room assigned, will be provided the following furniture: clothes closet or wardrobe, chest of drawers, study desk, bed, mattress, and chair. Rates include payment for basic cable television streaming service. Each Student is to provide their own bedding, pillow and whatever additional furniture is desired. The following items are prohibited: extension cords, 3D printers, water beds, hot tubs, non-approved loft beds, paintball guns, hand guns, rifles, shotguns, blow guns, stun weapons, other weapons, use or storage of hover boards, scooters or similar electronic devices, fireworks, funnelators, pets, halogen lamps, ceiling fans, space heaters, cooking appliances, window air conditioners (except with University approval and installation in designated University housing), floor air conditioners, refrigerators of more than 3.1 cubic feet, candles, incense, cinder blocks, alcohol for all students under age 21, marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia regardless of age, and all drugs defined as "controlled substances" under Virginia state law. University furniture may not be removed from University housing at any time, including placement on patios or balconies.

4. REQUIRED STATUS: Student shall be a regularly enrolled, full-time student as defined by the Registrar's Office, for the term of this Agreement.

5. DATES OF OCCUPANCY: Specific information regarding the dates of occupancy is available at https://my.wlu.edu/student-life/residence-life/university-housing-dates. No Student may move into University housing before the designated move-in date. Any Student who arrives earlier than the designated move-in date will not be allowed to move into University housing, or store belongings in their room, and will be responsible for finding their own off-campus housing accommodation at their own expense.

Students must vacate their rooms 24-hours after their last scheduled exam before winter and summer break periods. No Student will be allowed to stay in University housing during winter break. Because all University housing is officially closed, no Student will be permitted to enter their apartment/townhouse/room for any reason during this time period. If a Student plans to study abroad during winter or spring term, the check-out process should be completed by the conclusion of the previous term unless the Student obtains express permission from the Director of Residence Life.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, a Student may request to arrive early or stay late, for extenuating circumstances only, by contacting Residence Life. Residence Life reserves the right to approve or deny any such request on any basis, or for any reason or no reason. The Student's account will be assessed a $50.00 per day rate if approved. Students discovered occupying housing earlier, or staying later than communicated dates without prior approval will be referred to the Dean overseeing Student Conduct and their Student account will be assessed a $50.00 per day rate.

6. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS/CHANGES: Students are required to reside in the apartment/townhouse/room to which they have been assigned. No Student may change rooms or move to other University housing without prior approval from Residence Life. Any Student violating this policy will be referred to the Dean overseeing Student Conduct and may be assessed a $100 fee. Absent extenuating circumstances, Students may not change rooms during the first two weeks of the fall or winter terms. Room changes are allowed only at the discretion of Residence Life staff or the Class Deans.

7. UNASSIGNED ROOMS: Unassigned rooms are to remain locked at all times. No Student may use unassigned rooms for storage or for any other use.

8. DEPOSIT: THE UNIVERSITY REQUIRES A ONE TIME PAYMENT OF A HOUSING DEPOSIT IN THE AMOUNT OF $150.00. This deposit serves as a reservation fee for the Student entering University housing, and will be held by the University until the Student is no longer residing in University housing, chooses other arrangements following the three year on-campus residence requirement, or graduates. The housing deposit will also serve as a damage deposit. The deposit will be credited to the Student's University account, less any charges assessed for damages. The housing deposit will be forfeited for any Student who departs the University prior to graduation or meeting the three year residence requirement; this includes a withdrawal, leave of absence, suspension, or expulsion, but does not include study abroad. Furthermore, should seniors be given permission to move off-campus after they have been assigned on-campus housing, the deposit will be forfeited.

9. REFUNDS: NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE TO ANY STUDENT WHO LEAVES THE UNIVERSITY OR WHO VACATES THE RENTED PREMISES. The University will refund rents paid for University housing, less the housing deposit ($150.00), if the student is a senior and gives written notice before June 1, 2023 that he or she does not wish to occupy University housing for the upcoming academic year. After that time, rents are NOT REFUNDABLE. If a Student has executed this Agreement and has not paid the required fees, he or she will be billed for payment in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

10. DAMAGES: Students are responsible for the full monetary value of all damages to the assigned apartment/townhouse/room. Students of apartments/townhouses will assume individual responsibility for their bedrooms and equal, shared responsibility for damage to common areas and furnishings, unless one or more other individual(s) take responsibility and pay the full amount of the damages. Charges and damages during the academic year, including damages caused by vandalism, will be assessed at the time of occurrence. A $150.00 charge will be assessed for a lost key.

11. ROOM CONDITION REPORT: Within three days after obtaining a key, each Student must complete a Room Condition Report (RCR), which shall then be deemed incorporated into this Agreement. Failure to complete and submit the RCR within the time specified shall be construed as acceptance by the Student of the inventory list at time of the Student's receipt of keys as an accurate inventory of the apartment/townhouse/room contents, as well as an acceptance by the Student of the condition of the apartment/townhouse/room, meaning that Student found no reportable damages other than normal wear and tear and that the Student accepts responsibility for any damage that may be discovered thereafter. If a Student changes rooms, they are responsible to complete a RCR for their current space at check out, and must complete a separate RCR for their newly assigned space at check in. All Students are responsible to complete a RCR when checking out of University housing. Failure to complete a RCR at check in or check out of any/all spaces occupied will result in the student waiving their right to contest any damages assessed to the Student's account.

12. CHECK OUT: Upon check out, all rooms must be locked and left in a clean and acceptable condition. Students may not store any personal items in housing facilities over the summer for any reason at any time. Any items left in the apartments/townhouses/rooms or storage areas will be deemed abandoned property and will be removed by the University. The cost of removal will be assessed to the Student's account. Keys must be turned into Residence Life, Public Safety, or a Residence Life staff member before departure. Students who do not return keys within 48 hours of checking out will be charged $150 for the lock/key replacement. All apartments/townhouses/rooms will be inspected at the close of the academic year and the occupants advised of any necessary charges for cleaning and repairs. Charges and damages at check out, including but not limited to improper check out, excessive cleaning, item removal (including, but not limited to couches, futons, refrigerators, etc.), and damages caused by vandalism, will be assessed to the Student's account.

13. COMMUNICATION: Residence Life utilizes the WLU.EDU email system as its primary source for communicating relevant and important information to Students. Prior to checking into any University housing, it is the Student's responsibility to set up these accounts and check them on a regular basis. Students will be held accountable for all information communicated by email. Please note: failure to properly set up email accounts, and check them on a regular basis, does not absolve the Student from adhering to the information that is communicated by this means.

14. MEETINGS: As a condition of campus residency, all Students are required to attend predetermined apartment/townhouse/floor meetings. These meetings are facilitated by Residence Life staff and are designed to help set/review community standards, which enhance the residence experience of all Students.

15. ASSIGNMENT/DELEGATION PROHIBITED: This Agreement is not transferable; any attempted assignment or delegation shall be VOID.

16. UNIVERSITY POLICIES AND APPLICABLE LAWS: In accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Student agrees to abide by all University policies and state, federal, and local laws. Use or possession of substances defined as narcotics or controlled substances may result in termination of University housing without refund. Students who are under the age of 21 are expected, in accordance with Virginia state law, not to possess or consume alcohol on premises. Marijuana and/or marijuana paraphernalia are prohibited on campus regardless of Student's age. Violation of this condition and any other term of this Agreement, as well as any University policy, may result in termination of University housing without refund.

17. GUESTS: Guests are permitted to stay in University housing no longer than three consecutive nights without permission of a Residence Life staff member. These visits should not exceed six days within a four week period, and must be pre-approved by all residents of the room. Visitors must abide by all University policies and regulations. Students are responsible for all damages to the premises caused by their invited guests. It is the responsibility of the host Student to inform his or her guest(s) of all applicable University policies. By signing this Agreement, the Student agrees to respect the rights of roommates, particularly the right to restrict visitors to the room and the right to a reasonable degree of privacy. All Students should recognize that living in a residence hall requires appropriate compromises and patience. For additional expectations relating to guests who may be minors, please see the University's Guidelines for Interactions with Minors.

18. INSPECTION AND ENTRANCE: The University reserves the right to inspect any apartment/townhouse/room at any time during the period of this Agreement (with or without notice). University staff may enter the apartment/townhouse/room at any time if there are maintenance concerns, health or safety concerns, or reasonable suspicion of illegal activity. Unauthorized or prohibited items founds during any inspection or search will be confiscated by the University, and the Student referred to the Dean overseeing Student Conduct.

19. SMOKING: All University housing facilities are smoke-free. This includes, but is not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, vapors, oils, hookahs, or any other smoking devices. Smoking is not permitted in any areas of the residence halls or houses, including individual rooms, hallways, balconies, porches, and stairwells. Smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of any building containing residence units.

20. MISCELLANEOUS PROHIBITIONS: Students are prohibited from climbing onto outside ledges, accessing the roof, accessing attic areas, and leaning out of balconies and windows. Students are also prohibited from hanging any objects from pipes, pipe chases, and sprinkler heads. Clothing, posters, banners, flags, or any other form of messages may not be displayed from windows or placed on columns, bannisters, balconies, or railings on the exterior of the building.

21. PERSONAL INJURY AND PROPERTY: The Student agrees that the University assumes no liability for personal property lost through theft, fire or water damage, or natural disasters. All Students are strongly encouraged to secure renters insurance while living in University housing.

22. PETS: No pets are permitted in University housing, visiting or otherwise, with the exception of fish in a tank no larger than five (5) gallons. Exceptions may be made for support/service animals, in accordance with the applicable University policies and procedures.

23. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE: This Agreement may be signed by electronic means and any electronic signature shall be deemed to constitute an original signature. If you have any difficulties or prefer to review and/or execute a hard copy of this Agreement, please contact Residence Life at (540) 458-8405.