Physical Education Department

It is the aim of the Physical Education program to enhance the physical, motor, mental and social development of all students. It is the purpose of the Physical Education department to offer programs which are designed to meet the varying skill and ability levels of the student population.

Specific objectives of the Physical Education program are to:

  • develop basic motor skills through a wide variety of activities,
  • promote physical fitness through activities which condition the organic systems of the body,
  • understand the rules, techniques and strategies involved in physical activities and games,
  • encourage social efficiency and good human relations through physical activities,
  • acquire an appreciation of and respect for good health and well being which is promoted through participation in lifetime physical activities.

News & Announcements

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Coach Ness’s Badminton (Haiku)Class

In the spirit of true cross-curricular work this past Winter Coach Ness’s Badminton class responded to the Covid-19 situation by writing some Haikus about their new favorite sport. Coach regularly caught up with her class via ZOOM, they stayed active and even found time to reflect on life lessons through Badminton. A selection for your…

Monday, April 6, 2020

PE Advice for Being at Home

Well here we are! Our last day on the beautiful campus of Washington and Lee was March 18, which was nineteen days ago. It may already seem like years to some. I hope that you are finding some moments to appreciate what you all have at home. The first week of ‘virtual” PE has been…

Monday, March 30, 2020

FUN and Challenging Soccer Work

Interested in a soccer workout that you can do in a very limited space? Try this juggling series of exercises and show us those skills. Would love for someone to send in a pic or short video wearing their favorite soccer jersey. Have fun Coach Cunningham  

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