Live Well W&L FAQ's

How do I find my member ID or my spouse/partner’s member ID?

Your employee ID is also your Member ID. You must enter seven digits so it may be necessary to enter leading zeros. You can find your member ID or your spouse/partner’s ID at Search “Wellness Employee and Spouse IDs.” Click “Launch” by the report title.

Where can I find information about the program without registering?

Visit the Live Well W&L Resource Center. The W&L Rewards Overview Webinar is a 14-minute webinar that outlines the program structure. Other resources will help you become acquainted with the website features and your opportunities for engagement.

How do I log my physical activity?

If you have an activity tracker, refer to the next question. Sonic Boom does not currently offer a self-reporting tool for activity but apps like Strava and the self-reporting through Fitbit Mobile Track (if you have an iPhone) are some available alternatives. The good news is that the Sonic Boom development team is working to build a self-reported activity tracker to be available in the near future.

Do I have to track my physical activity to participate?

No. Tracking is not a requirement of the program. Visit the Rewards page to review your options to participate and work towards your goal.  The Incentive Acknowledgement (located on the Rewards page) explains the program requirements

How do I use my activity tracker with the program?

Click My Profile at the top of the webpage. “My Profile” either has your photo or initials in a circle. You will see a link to Manage Devices. Once your tracker is connected, you can view your Sonic Striding. This tracks physical activity over time and is visible by clicking on the graph icon at the top of the dashboard. You can use your device to participate in tracker based contests during the year. Sonic Boom contests do not combine device tracking with manual entry. Each contest will require either a registered activity device or self-reporting your progress on the Contests page. 

How can I keep my tracker data off of the W&L leaderboard?

One of the leaderboards on the Leaderboards dashboard includes verified data from an activity tracking device. You can see daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date and lifetime leaders in all four metrics and filter the leaderboard by segments.  This is a fun way to find motivation, have some friendly competition with colleagues and give yourself a chance to climb the leaderboard over time.

We understand you may not be comfortable with having your name and activity stats displayed on a leaderboard. Sonic Boom provides the option to be shown on the leaderboard under an alias.  The alias can be set up in your user profile.

What does the number by the yellow star mean?

The number on the Sonic Boom dashboard is your engagement score. This is not directly tied to your incentive goal, which is to earn 2 or 6 tokens, depending on what level you would like to complete. Your engagement score goes up as you participate in Sonic Boom activities such as “Challenge of the Day” or “Caught Ya Bein’ Healthy.” While there are no rewards directly tied to your engagement score at this time, you can participate in these activities and earn a token in the Sonic Boom Engagement activity area within the holistic level. This is described on the Rewards tab under Holistic Goals.

Is there a Sonic Boom app?

Yes. The Sonic Boom Wellness mobile app is available at iTunes and Google Play. 

What are my options for completing a biometric screening?

Your screening options are on the Live Well W&L Rewards webpage. Click on Know Your Numbers and you can view the options for completing a biometric screening. The Solstas Lab, at 204 E. Washington Street, Lexington, is a Quest Patient Service Center (QPSC). You do not need to make an appointment to complete a screening. However, you will be required to generate the lab order by following the Schedule a Screening link. From the Sonic Boom website, go to the My Health tab and follow the instructions to schedule a screening. You may need to provide a form of identification at the QPSC. Lexington QPSC screening hours are Monday through Friday 7:30am - 12:30pm and 1:30pm - 4:30pm. 

Where do I find the Physician Form?

You can download and print a Physician Form to submit your biometric screening to Sonic Boom. From the Sonic Boom website, go to the My Health tab, click on Sign Up Today, click Register, review & accept Terms and Conditions, click Get Started, then Participate Now, click Download Form under Physician Results Form.

Who can help me if I have questions?

Sonic Boom support hours are 11:00am until 8:00pm eastern time. Click the Sonic Boom Support button that displays at the bottom of each page to search Support or click Contact Us to submit a ticket. You can indicate your communication preference and provide your contact information. Someone will reach out to you. You may also contact Anne Remington, Work-Life Coordinator for assistance (, x8355).