Live Well W&L FAQ's

How do I find my member ID or my spouse/partner’s member ID?

Your Employee ID is also your Member ID. You must enter seven digits (it may be necessary to enter zeros prior to your number).

You can find your Employee ID by logging into Workday. Click on your photo and choose "View Profile." Your Employee ID is listed on the top right side of the screen under Job Details.

To find your spouse/partner's ID, follow the instructions above. Then, click on "Benefits" in the blue column on the left, and on "My Dependents." Click on the name of your spouse/partner and you will see their Dependent ID. Your spouse/partner will use the first seven digits of the Dependent ID number and their birthdate to create a Live Well W&L account.

How do I use my activity tracker with the program?

Click the down arrow at the top of the Live Well W&L webpage, by your name and select "goals and devices". Once your tracker is connected, you can view your physical activity over time on the Goals page. You can use your device to participate in tracker-based contests during the year.

How can I keep my tracker data off of the W&L leaderboard?

The Leaderboard includes verified data from an activity tracking device. You can see daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date and lifetime leaders in all four metrics and filter the leaderboard by segments. This is a fun way to find motivation, have some friendly competition with colleagues and give yourself a chance to climb the leaderboard over time.

We understand you may not be comfortable with having your name and activity stats displayed on a leaderboard. Sonic Boom provides the option to be shown on the leaderboard under an alias. The "secret identity" can be set up in your user profile.

Is there a Sonic Boom app?

Yes. Search for "Sonic Boom Wellness" (look for an orange rocket) in iTunes and Google Play. 

What are my options for completing a biometric screening?

See the How-To Guides in the blue box above.

Who can help me if I have questions?

Sonic Boom support hours are 11:00am until 8:00pm eastern time. Click the Sonic Boom Support button that displays at the bottom of each page to search Support or click Contact Us to submit a ticket. You can indicate your communication preference and provide your contact information. Someone will reach out to you. You may also contact the manager for Leaves and Work-Life Benefits.