Digital Culture and Information

A minor in Digital Culture and Information (DCI) allows students to deeply explore how the digital age impacts knowledge and society.

Students will discover how software transforms information into valuable resources as well as the dangerous potential of algorithmically biased tools. Through courses that integrate knowledge with hands-on practice, students will develop creative projects that demonstrate their emerging expertise in digital media. The program is designed to teach students concepts and methods that will enhance their academic success within any major. Students participating in the program will gain significant experience with technological platforms, complex information resources, and visual design. The course of study nurtures critical reflection on the underlying structure of information and not merely technical proficiency. A minor in Digital Culture and Information provides the foundation for a career in any field and for life as an informed citizen in a digital society.


  • Compatible with majors from both the College and the Williams School
  • Learn how to apply web development and programming to projects in your major
  • Communication and information skills prepare you for a wide range of careers
  • When relevant, the DCI capstone or thesis can be combined with work in your major



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