Faculty Scholarship

Taha Khan focuses on security, privacy and human-computer interactions (HCI).  The goal of his research is to make the Internet more secure, robust and usable.  His current work is on developing privacy centric tools for information management in the cloud.  He is also studying online security tools such as VPNs, and is interested in cybercrime and censorship.

Simon Levy has research interests that include artificial intelligence, robotics, linguistics, and cognitive science. Professor Levy enjoys writing software libraries to support research in robotics and parallel computing.

Kefu Lu has research interests which include parallel computing, machine learning algorithms, and large-scale data analysis.  His recent projects involve developing data clustering algorithms for parallel and distributed computing systems.

Liz Matthews' research interests include video game design, game enjoyment, human-computer interaction and procedural generation.  Her research projects typically include design/content generation of interactive media and human centered measurements.

Sara Sprenkle's research interests include software testing, distributed systems, and empirical studies. Her current research focuses on automated testing of Web applications, including cost-effective approaches to generating test cases and determining that the application is correct. She is also collaborating with several faculty on digital humanities projects.

Cody Watson has research interests that include artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, data science, software engineering and diagnostic medical applications.  Professor Watson enjoys cross disciplinary work involving the application of neural networks to address problems of classification and prediction.

Faculty Scholarship by Topic

  • Algorithmic Theory, Optimization: Lu
  • Computer Science Education: Sprenkle
  • Deep Learning: Lu, Watson
  • Digital Humanities: Sprenkle
  • Distributed Systems: Sprenkle
  • Empirical Studies: Sprenkle
  • Human Centered Computing/Human-Computer Interaction: Khan, Matthews
  • Machine Learning: Lu, Watson
  • Natural Language Processing: Levy
  • Procedural Generation:  Matthews
  • Robotics: Levy
  • Security and Privacy:  Khan
  • Software Engineering: Sprenkle, Watson
  • Software Testing: Sprenkle
  • Video Games: Matthews