Housing Lottery FAQs

The Housing Lottery FAQs are organized into the following sections: general lottery questions, Village FAQs, Woods Creek FAQs, Theme House FAQs, and Study Abroad FAQs.

General Lottery FAQs

How is my lottery priority determined?
Washington and Lee University requires three years of on-campus residency. Returning students select their room and roommate(s) late winter term for the following academic year through the housing lottery. Prior to the housing lottery, each student must register online. The procedural fairness of the lottery is ensured through a random selection process in which students receive computer-generated timeslots based on priority. Priority is determined by each student's class year as follows:
            • Rising Junior: anticipated graduation before June 1, 2022
            • Rising Sophomore: anticipated graduation before June 1, 2023
            • Rising Senior: anticipated graduation before June 1, 2021
   *Students should check the web directory to confirm their class year is consistent with university designation.


How are time slots assigned?
Time slots are randomly assigned by the lottery based solely on your class year. The size or composition of your roommate group, or lack of a roommate group, does not impact the time slot you are assigned through the lottery nor does changing roommmate groups impact your time slot. (For example, having a six-person roommate group does not mean you will be assigned a townhouse time slot.) You cannot switch time slots, but you can switch roommate groups at any time. 

I have been assigned and confirmed to live in a Greek house. Can I still participate in the Upper-Division Housing Lottery?
No. Students assigned to Greek Houses for 2020-2021 are not eligible to participate in the Upper-Division Housing Lottery. A separate room assignment process is conducted by each chapter prior to the Housing Lottery.

I have been assigned and confirmed to live in a Theme House. Can I still participate in the Upper-Division Housing Lottery?
No. Students assigned to Theme Houses for 2020-2021 are not eligible to participate in the Upper-Division Housing Lottery.

What are the room rates for 2020-2010?
Room rates for 2020-2021 will be available at the end of February 2020. The 2019-2020 room rate was $7,820/per person/academic year for singles, doubles, and triples. This annual room rate is payable in two equal installments, as billed in advance by the University.  

Can rising seniors participate in the Housing Lottery?

Yes. Like all students participating in the housing lottery, rising seniors wanting to live on campus must register by March 18 in order to be eligible to participate. Because of the three-year residency requirement, rising seniors may select housing only after rising sophomores and juniors are placed. In the event there are more rising seniors registered for the housing lottery than space permits, the Office of Residential Life will use registration times to determine eligibility (first come, first served). Rising seniors will enter room selection the evening of Day 4. Rising juniors or rising sophomores will be able to select rising seniors to live with their group on the morning of Day 4.

Can I change my housing assignment after I have selected a room in the housing lottery?
No. Once your room reservation has been confirmed, no changes are possible through eRezLife. However, room change requests may be submitted to the Office of Residential Life after the lottery has concluded and will be considered on a case by case basis. Residential Life reserves the right to approve or deny any room change request.

If my preferred roommates (including apartment and housemates) lottery times do not fall within the same selection timeslot as mine, whose timeslot do we use as a group?
The earliest selection timeslot will provide you/your group with the best odds of securing your preferred apartment/townhouse. Review your timeslots with those you wish to live with, agree on the priorities of where people want to live and be prepared with alternative back-up choices in the event the place you want to live isn't available. Only 1 person in the group will make room selections and send roommate requests for your group. Each person receiving a roommate request must login within 24 hours of receipt to either accept or deny the roommate request. If all roommate requests are accepted, your group is done and your room assignment will appear online. For the Village, if someone in the group denies a roommate request, then the entire apartment/townhouse is released back into the pool of available units for others to select and the group must start over. Remember, room selection times are randomly issued within class year (2022, 2023 then 2021). If you want to live with a student(s) in a different class year than yourself, please refer to the room selection dates and times webpage.

What will happen if we don't have enough people in our group to fill all the beds in our unit of choice?
You will not be able to reserve a unit in the Village unless ALL bed spaces in the unit are filled. You may reserve an apartment in Woods Creek without filling all of the bed spaces, but we encourage you to have choices to fill all of the beds, otherwise random students will have the right to signup in the vacant spaces and/or the Office of Residential Life will assign a student to the room.

What happens if a roommate declines to live with my group?
If a roommate request is denied for the Village, your group will lose the reservation for the townhouse/apartment and your entire group must begin the selection process over. For Woods Creek, the declined bed space will be released back into the system for other students to select.

Can someone be selected as a roommate by more than 1 group?

No. Once a pending roommate request is made, the student name is no longer available for selection unless the roommate request is denied by the student being requested. Make your roommate selections carefully.

How long do we have to make roommate selections?
In the event that you have not created your roommate group before your time slot opens, the person in your group making room selections (typically the person with the earliest selection time) will have 5 minutes to make all roommate requests once a unit has been selected. It is essential for your group to be well prepared in advance. Reviewing floorplans and communicating preferences with each other. Since the Village requires every room to be filled at the time of room selection, if all roommate requests are not made and accepted within the 5-minute allotment, the entire townhouse/apartment will become available for others to select and your group must begin the room selection process over.

During my lottery timeslot, I'm trying to type the name of the roommate I want to request, but his/her name does not appear on the screen?
Be sure you are typing in the name correctly - using legal names and not nicknames. If the student did not register for the lottery in advance as required, will be abroad fall term or if they have received a theme or Greek house assignment, they are not eligible to participate in the lottery, therefore their name is not included in the dropdown menu.

During my timeslot, when I type the name of my requested roommate or apartment mate, their name appears but I am not able to select them?
If a student has a pending roommate request or has already accepted a roommate request, their name will be visible on the dropdown menu, but you will not be able to select them.

What if the apartment or townhouse my group wanted is no longer available during our lottery time?
Just like class registration, it's important to plan ahead and have multiple contingency plans if your first choices are not available. For instance, if no townhouses are available for your group of 6, you will need to make adjustments to your group size and consider apartments.

Can men and women live in the same apartment/townhouse?
Yes, there are 30 coed flex units within the Village meaning they can be occupied by either a single-gender group or a coed group. There are also several "true coed" units that can only be chosen by groups containing both men and women. All Woods Creek Apartments are coed flex.

What are the undergraduate housing policies?
Please refer to the Student Handbook and your housing agreement for a complete list of campus policies.

Village FAQs

How many people live in a Village apartment/townhouse?
There are 4 single bedrooms in an apartment and 6 single bedrooms in a townhouse.

When room browsing, why do all of the units show as unavailable (with a red "x")?
The composition of your roommate group dictates which units are available to you when browsing and selecting rooms. This include the number of people in your group, their gender, and their class year. You must have a six person roommate groups to view/select a townhouse and a four-person group for Village apartments.

Remember, townhouses and village apartments are designated as either male, female, coed flex (can house male, female, OR coed groups), or TRUE coed units. If it appears there are not any available units with your single-gender group, you may add members from the opposite gender to your group to see if anything becomes available.

What happens if all of the Village apartments and townhouses are taken when my time slot opens?
There are not enough units in the Village to house all rising juniors, so this will happen at a certain point during selection. If all of the Village units are filled by the time your group can select housing, you and your group can select a Woods Creek apartment or work with the Office of Residential Life after selection to find housing, likely in a theme house. 

Should I live in an apartment or a townhouse in the Village?
That really depends on your personal preferences and group size. Apartments are four-person and townhouses are six-person (one available is seven-person). Townhouse units are three levels with the living room, half bath and kitchen on the main floor and bedrooms and bathrooms on the second and third levels. Apartments are one level and each features a balcony or porch.

What are the amenities and furnishings in the Village?
See Village Townhouses and Village Apartments.

Are there double rooms in the Village?
No - there are only single rooms in the Village. Double rooms are available in Woods Creek East and West, Greek houses, and theme houses.

Can rising sophomores live in the Village?
Possibly. If there are remaining units in the Village during sophomore selection times, sophomores may select to live in these units.

Will CAs live in the Village area?
Yes. Community Assistants will live in theme houses, Woods Creek, and the Village and will assist students with check-in, check-out, maintenance issues, health and safety inspections, as well as coordinating programs, activities, and other community events.

My group of friends and I want to live in the Village, but there aren't enough of us to completely fill a unit. Can we reserve a Village unit without filling all of the bed spaces?
No. All spaces within a Village townhouse/apartment must be reserved in order to secure the unit. Village units are 4-person apartments and 6-person townhouses (exception of one available 7-person townhouse, O3). Communicate in advance with your peers so that you have a group size sufficient to fill a unit. If you are unable to fill a unit in the Village, you will be required to select a Woods Creek apartment which offers 3, 4, and 5 person apartments. Unlike Village units, Woods Creek apartments are not required to be completely filled at the time of room selection. Note: Other students will be able to select the open spaces in Woods Creek during the remainder of the lottery. In the event Woods Creek apartments are not completely filled during the lottery, the Office of Residential Life may at any point randomly assign the open spaces to random students with little notice to current apartment residents.

Woods Creek FAQs

Can I choose to live in a double room in Woods Creek by myself without having a roommate?
Yes, but this is not recommended. If you need assistance in finding a roommate, please contact the Office of Residential Life prior to room selection. Note: Other students will be able to select the open spaces in Woods Creek during the remainder of room selection. In the event Woods Creek apartments are not completely filled during the lottery, the Office of Residential Life may at any point randomly assign the open spaces to random students with little notice to current apartment residents.

What's new in Woods Creek?
All Woods Creek East, West, and Central were rennovated between 2016 and 2018. Renovations include granite countertops, new cabinetry, furniture, flooring, and updated bathrooms, full-sized XL beds and washer and dryer within each apartment.

What are the amenities and furnishings in each Woods Creek apartment?
Please see Woods Creek Apartments.

Theme House FAQs

May I apply for more than one theme house?
Yes.  You will be required to provide rank order to indicate your theme house preferences.

What are the amenities and furnishings in the theme houses?
Please see individual theme house listing on our Theme Housing webpage. 

Study Abroad FAQs

I'm currently studying abroad Winter/Spring 2020 and will not be on campus during the Housing Lottery. How do I participate in the Housing Lottery to select a room for next year?
Register for the Housing Lottery by March 18. If you happen to have the earliest timeslot, you will need to be responsible for room selection in order to have the best choices available at that time.

I plan to study abroad Fall Term 2020. How do I choose a room?
Students participating in fall study abroad are NOT eligible to participate in the Upper-Division Housing Lottery. A separate room selection process will take place during the fall term in which you will provide the Office of Residential Life with your housing preferences and a room will be secured. Students studying abroad in the fall will NOT be billed for on campus Fall Term housing.

I plan to Study Abroad Winter/Spring Term 2021. Will I be billed for housing Winter/Spring term?
Students participating in winter study abroad will participate in the Housing Lottery and live on campus during the fall. Students will NOT be billed for on campus winter/spring term housing. Students abroad Winter/Spring Term will be required to completely move out of campus housing PRIOR TO Winter Break.

What if I'm going abroad Winter Term 2021 and want to return for a Spring Term 2021 course?
Spring Term housing applications will be available in April. Spring Term housing considerations will only be made for those enrolled in a spring term course.

I plan to study abroad Spring Term 2021 only. Will my student account be credited for my Spring Term housing?
No. Winter/Spring term housing is billed as one term. No financial credits are issued for study abroad Spring Term.

If people in our apartment/townhouse group are studying abroad, can we arrange a room swap?
Residential Life Staff will work closely with students who are interested in living with a specific group of people by "swapping out" particular spaces where, for example, the student studying abroad in the Fall moves into the room of the student who will be studying abroad Winter/Spring term. We will attempt to honor such requests, but good planning and communication is essential for this to occur.  This process will be conducted during Fall Term.  In the event two or more people leave your apartment/townhouse for Study Abroad, the Office of Residential Life will also allow/consider consolidations.