Required Information FAQ

Does W&L offer HEALTH INSURANCE for students?

What FINANCIAL AID FORMS are required?

What IMMUNIZATIONS do I need BEFORE I arrive in the FALL?

WHEN will I get the FORMS that have to be completed before I enroll (for example, the medical forms, etc.)?

Does W&L offer Health Insurance for students?

Yes. All students are required to show proof of insurance coverage, via the Health Insurance Information Form (available online or in Workday during the New Student Onboarding process)  to supplement the medical care provided by the University. If you do not complete the on-line waiver form by July 31st of each year, you will be enrolled in the Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan, and your University account will be billed for the cost of the premium. For more information on student health insurance, please visit the Student Health and Counseling Website.

What financial aid forms are required?

Students who are US citizens or permanent residents, must submit the FAFSA and CSS/Profile forms. International applicants must submit the W&L Foreign Student Aid forms and the College Board International Student Aid forms. Please see our Financial Aid Website for further details.

What immunizations do I need before I arrive in the fall?

The immunization record form lists all the immunizations you should have before you arrive.

When will I get the forms that have to be completed before I enroll? (e.g. medical forms, etc.)?

All of the forms that you must complete over the summer are found in New Student Onboarding. Students also receive a mailing from the Dean of First-Year Students, which includes the Summer Timeline flyer, which outlines important dates and deadlines for submitting forms over the summer.