Student Health and Counseling

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides medical evaluation and care of student health concerns, both in an outpatient office setting, and an infirmary setting for round-the-clock care when needed. We strive to provide comprehensive primary medical care to W&L students.

University Counseling

University Counseling provides direct psychotherapy services, assessment of academic problems, and (with student consent) collaboration with faculty, administrative personnel, or parents to provide necessary supports for struggling students. Psychiatric consultation is also available.

TELUS Health Student Support Program

TELUS Health Student Support Program is a FREE confidential online counseling service offering mental health support and wellbeing resources for ALL Washington and Lee students via text, phone, or video 24/7. TELUS Health complements W&L's existing counseling services. Talking to an experienced professional at the right time can make a positive difference. TELUS Health is here to help you succeed.

Office of Health Promotion

The Office of Health Promotion provides students with information about alcohol and other drugs, sexuality issues including sexual misconduct and sexual harassment, nutrition, stress management, and mental health issues such as depression and eating disorders. The goal of the Office of Health Promotion is to encourage students to make safe choices by having science-based information.

Health Library

This Health Library provides the Washington and Lee community with information and resources on the most important health issues to college students.